Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Wed Jan 18 2017 6:37pm
by MXC
Signup Thread :) I'll give this a few days and then randomize the the sections we all get. Instead of doing what I normally do in team games (where we pick a battle or two), I'll let everyone pick one section they do not want to do. We'll be using Gens+ to emulate.

:cookie: Level 1- zexxar
:cookie: Trial of Strength- Cullsoft
:cookie: Trial of Courage- Swalchy
:cookie: Trial of Truth- MXC
:cookie: Trial of Wisdom- Swalchy
:cookie: Level 2- Cullsoft
:cookie: Level 3- MXC
:cookie: Level 4- zexxar
:cookie: Treasure Hunting- Swalchy
:cookie: Level 5- Chaos Wizard

Chaos Wizard

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Fri Jan 20 2017 7:16am
by zexxar
I'm in although I may take some time when it is my turn. But there can't be a team without me haha :D

What I don't want to do is the Treasure Hunting.

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23 2017 1:46pm
by MXC
It might just be the two of us, which means I'll be stuck with treasure hunting :(

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23 2017 5:23pm
by zexxar
I really know why I didn´t even tried starting a Team Final Conflict anymore because it is kinda depressing if you start a team game but don't find members that want to join :(

Maybe we wait until the weekend and if no one joins until then it will be

:music: Just the two of us
We can make it if we try
Just the two of us
(just the two of us)
Just the two of us :music:

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23 2017 5:26pm
by MXC
I sent a PM to a few people but most that participated last time aren't around much anymore. But yes, the two of us will make it work ;)

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23 2017 8:47pm
by Cullsoft
I'm happy to join in - been after an opportunity to replay SITD, particularly for a project I'm working on.

There may be a delay in completing my level(s) depending on how busy I am at the time, but I should still be able to find time to complete it within a week or so, probably getting it done in one sitting.

I'd opt for either Cave of Truth or Level 3 as my skip - I find the difficulty ramps up on those levels, so I'm likely to grind more than necessary if I play them.

I'm happy to do the treasure hunting chapter - it can be a bit of a drag with backtracking, but won't feel so bad if I'm not doing Levels 4 and 5 around it.

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23 2017 8:57pm
by MXC
Sweet! I'll let you treasure hunt then, since I don't care for it either. I'll see if Phill wants to join before posting the team :)

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Jan 24 2017 10:50pm
by Chaos Wizard
Blessed by Water Spirit
Armed in Light
Darkness Fears a Shining Knight

I'll be more than glad to do the Treasure Hunting Gentlemen, and I think Level 3 would be my skip. That Blackbone always pisses me off, and I'd more than likely powerlevel like it was my job if I got that one.

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Jan 24 2017 11:29pm
by Cullsoft
Chaos Wizard wrote:I'll be more than glad to do the Treasure Hunting Gentlemen, and I think Level 3 would be my skip. That Blackbone always pisses me off, and I'd more than likely powerlevel like it was my job if I got that one.

Cool beans - in that case I'll make TOT my skip.

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Jan 24 2017 11:44pm
by MXC
Updated the first post. Feel free to trade if you wish. Cull, you and I have the fewest but zex starts off (which is a bit short) and Phill gets Treasure Hunting, which is also fairly short. So I'm hoping we're fairly balanced :)

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Wed Jan 25 2017 11:07am
by zexxar
OK I will try to get to this as soon as I can :D

Off to a new adventure :D

Edit: I just had some time and already retrieved the Royal Tiara. After leveling to level 4 and buying a shield and some items I went in another get all the treasures and get some money for a better weapon in the end I was level 8 and had enoug money to buy a Sword, which I did and rebought healing items before going into the dungeon a last time rushing towards that giant Crab which didn't give any big problems thanks to the good equipment. After that I immediately left the dungeon with an Angel Wing so all the talking and gathering of our companions still needs to be done.

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Thu Jan 26 2017 2:13pm
by MXC
Nicely done. Phill's turn. If you guys could PM the player after you, I'd appreciate it :)

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Jan 31 2017 10:11am
by Chaos Wizard
Oh hey, sorry about that. I've been stupid busy.


Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Jan 31 2017 2:09pm
by MXC
No sweat. I don't expect SitD to go very fast and besides, it's only 10 sections (as opposed to 30+ like most other games.)

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07 2017 3:08am
by Chaos Wizard
Well gentlemen, after two days of trying to get Gens+ to work on my shitty ass laptop I've given up. Sorry for holding you guys up. It just crashes right when I boot the ROM.

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07 2017 3:11am
by MXC
Have you tried the old Gens? As long as zexxar didn't compress the save, it should work fine.

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07 2017 5:33am
by Chaos Wizard
Nope. It isn't compatible with this piece of shit.

I'm never buying Not Mac ever again. (The rest of my computers are in New Mexico with my Wife and Kids.)

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07 2017 1:58pm
by MXC
Ah, that's a shame. I'll leave your other battles in but for now, we'll pass this one off to Cull :)

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07 2017 9:11pm
by Chaos Wizard
I'm getting a new Mac in the near future so it won't be an issue later on.

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07 2017 11:33pm
by Cullsoft
Hopefully before the rest of us reach the end of the game? :shifty:

I'll see if I can get this section done one evening this week, failing that sometime over the weekend.

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07 2017 11:46pm
by MXC
Don't forget you have back-to-back parts now :)

Also, this is a filler :lol:

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Sat Feb 11 2017 1:57pm
by Swalchy
Whaaaat - how the hell did I miss this?

Sign me up!

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Sat Feb 11 2017 11:49pm
by Cullsoft
Got to work on the next part this evening, focussing on levelling Milo and Pyra before taking on Trial of Strength tomorrow. So here's what happened in today's thrilling chapter of... SHINING IN DA DARKNESS!

- Off to Castle to show off my bling to the King. Theos and Minister tell me to big up my crew and get back on the case, yo.

- Off to the seven-eleven to pick up my bitch.... er, witch... er mage, OG Pyra.

- Gila disses my crew on the way out, so Pyra caps his ass with a Slow ride.

- Off to the chapel, where we pick up our main man the right Reverend Milo Luther King.

- Pyra gets blinged up with the Royal Tiara, then it's off to the labyrinth for a little bump 'n' (level) grind. Funds are low, so I hold off buying any new kit for the time being.

- While grinding to L3, I decide that Milo's getting duffed up a bit too much, so trade his Cotton Robe for Hiro's Woven Robe. In the ~20 years I've played this game, I think this is the first time I've had the sense to do this.

(During this time I realise the game's text speed is kinda slow, so after reaching L3 I save and reload, setting text speed from 3 to 2).

- During the grind, the monsters drop... a herb!

- Grinding would be much faster if the ruddy oozes didn't keep running away... :P At one point I was surprised by a party of 5, but was only able to catch 2!

- After reaching L4, it's time to do a bit of shopping. Gilius doesn't have he Morning Star in stock yet, so Pyra trades her Bronze Knife for a her Bronze Sabre. Green weapon decals are still in fashion this season.

- Back to work, venturing a little further into the dungeon to grind Milo and Pyra up to L6 (and Hiro to L9), then it's back to the shops. Still no sign of the Morning Star, so I get Milo a Fur Robe and return Hiro his Woven Robe (and sell Milo's scratch-worn Cotton Robe).

- A brief visit to the tavern. Vik's dissin' my crew so don't get no service from me. We say hello to Brave Sir Dai as he prepares for his heroic exploits into the Labyrinth ahead of us. God Speed! Meanwhile Gnorn's mutterings of "Nobody believes me. They think I'm crazy. They'll be sorry." make me think he's up to something nefarious.

- Back to work, grinding to level 7. Then back to the court for the Minister, Theos and Melvyl to bang on about the trails and bigging up the Dwarf's Key before eventually handing it over.

- Finally there's just enough time for a quick peek behind the Bronze door, raid the chests by the Cave Of Strength entrance and get Hiro to L10. We even get to take on Kaisy, and despite lopping off 20HP from Milo in one hit (and Pyra in two) still gets hacked and fried into fishsticks.

- A little more work to get Milo and Pyra to L8, then it's back to the shops to rest after a long and rewarding day. Gilius has a special offer! It's... a Long Spear, which is way too rich for my blood. Fortunately a little more persuasion gets Gilius to show us his special ball, and Milo's now got a much bigger tool (let's skip the details). Not quite enough to get him any more armour, though... so may as well start saving towards a Main Gauche. An Angel Feather's picked up in case of emergency, then it's time for a kip at the Tavern - and Old Vic's finally shows my crew some respect by the morning.

We're all set to take on the Cave of Strength - tune in tomorrow for next exciting chapter!

Here's a little stat rundown - I got some pretty decent level ups, with Milo and Pyra getting a good number of +6's in HP and MP.

Code: Select all
HIRO [L10]:
[HP: 95 ][ATTACK: 52][DEFENCE: 15]
[MP:  0 ][IQ: 42][SPEED: 27][LUCK: 22]

MILO [L8]:
[HP: 61 ][ATTACK: 31][DEFENCE: 18]
[MP: 45 ][IQ: 48][SPEED: 32][LUCK: 35]

[HP: 56 ][ATTACK: 22][DEFENCE: 25]
[MP: 50 ][IQ: 49][SPEED: 43][LUCK: 29]

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Sun Feb 12 2017 8:42pm
by MXC
Well done :)

Way to be slow, Swalchy. Maybe you can convince zexxar to give you one of his remaining sections ;) If not, I could always let you have Truth

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13 2017 12:04am
by Cullsoft
If Phill's not covering the Trial of Courage, I'm happy for Walchy to take that chapter - covering both Milo and Pyra's training and Trial of Strength is pretty lengthy, and I'd rather pass it along than do Trial of Courage on top of that (especially if it helps keep things moving, as I probably wouldn't get that finished before the weekend).

Anyhow, let's see reveal how the party fared in the Trial of Strength!

- A bit of anti-Kaisy navigation on the way to Cave Of Strength by avoiding facing left-turn corners.

- Screw the Chestbeaks for now, I'm not in the mood for dying this early! No probs with getting other chests, though.

- Ran into a Kaisy early into the Trial - git awesome blows Hiro for 28 points after he misses! Manage to take him down before his next attack, though.

- Despite having a big shiny ball, Milo struggles to OHKO enemies early in the trial.

- Yaye! Pyra gets Blaze L2. Multi-tasking barbecues now on the menu.

- Backing into the Killwave pool in the lower part of the centre hall. Again, I'd rather not get beaten up especially as I'm holding back on healing Hiro until I can do a full Heal L2 on him.

- Gordon Bennet, Milo and Pyra... could you guys get through a battle without ANY misses?

- Well, that was a bloody waste! Blaze L2'd a group of Mad Gnomes, not a single one gets OHKO'd.

- After clearing items from the central hall area, the party inventory's almost full so I head back to the entrance to sell some stuff. Milo gets poisoned by a Widowfang on the way - this day just gets better and better! At least Pyra gets a level up along the way, though I'm not running to the tavern quite yet.

- Back in town, I sell the Wisdom Seeds and a few Herbs. I've now got more than enough to get Milo a Main Gauche - I want to see plenty of OHKO's!

- OH COME ON, Two Kaisys back to back?

- Pop downstairs to pick up the Healer Fruit, run straight into a bunch of Skeletars and Triclopses! Hiro gets poisoned by a Skeletar, but fortunately none of the Triclopses get an MP drain in.

- Blaze L2 pays off at last - have to use it to emergency finish a group of Skeletars before they finish off Hiro.

- I resist the urge to take a blind leap of faith over the trapdoor to the Mithril Ore. Not that it would be much use at this stage, but I'm not going back down to the arsekickers on the lower level again.



- Skipping the south-west corner Chestbeak entirely. Still not in the mood for dying, especially the way the Trial's gone so far.

- Ran into a Killwave on the southern passage. But this time HE misses twice and the party wins without taking a single hit. Ciao!

- Hiro gets paralysed by a vampyre on the way to the Woven Robe in the south-west corner! Fortunately it wears off right before I run into five more of the buggers.

- Dang it, so many Vampyres in the three-prong hall! What've you got against me? I like bats! Feeding the bats was my favourite bit when I got to be a wildlife park keeper for a day!

- Dangit, two Triklopses gets MP drain on Milo. There go six L1 Heal spells. At least Pyra learned Egress afterwards.

- Crying out loud, Killwave gets off a Freeze L2, then EVERY. BODY. MISSES.

- Yaye - Skeletar drops me a Depoison.

- Hah! Group of three Deathguides all try sleeping powder on me, but only the last one works and only on Pyra, who's paltry damage wouldn't make much difference to the fight.

- After picking up the Short Sword in the north-east corner near the end of the trail, my inventory's full and I'm almost out of MP, so it's time to Egress. Just as well, because I want to take a break at the Tavern before finishing the Trial...

- Back in town I sell the Short Sword and Woven Robe I found (got better stuff on those who can use them), as well as a Depoison and a couple more Herbs. With over 2600 gold, I can easily afford the Breastplate for Hiro and Hemp Robe for Pyra... groovy. The Alkemist has just got a Miracle Herb in stock, but I'm not tempted by her cheeky wink - not for the haggle-free price of 8000 gold at least.




- WHAT'S UP TRIKLOPSES GONNA MAKE SOME MOVES WELL HOW ABOUT THESE SUPER FLY MOVES... Oh crap, one of them survives and drains an Egress spell from Pyra, maybe time to start taking things seriously.

- And now the reason I wanted to get out and rest before finishing: Gila joins the party! And as I've just rested, he should be sticking around for longer! You want more Wahunga? THE SITD STRIKERS BRING YOU MORE WACHUNGA!

- Group of five Skeletars. Milo and Pyra keep missing. Gila Wachungas into the fray. Milo gets poisoned. Serves him right for missing.

- North eastern path to the end of the trial could be nicknamed the boneyard. Four battles in a row with nothing but Skeletars.

- Pyra gets to L13 just before the end of the trial. Now passed, the party heads back to town to tool up for the next part of the adventure. On the way Hiro scrapes up to L14, and a friendly Slimy Ooze gives us an offering of a herb before we leave (Pyra rewards his kindness with DEATH).

Here's the stat summary:

Code: Select all
HIRO [L14]:
[HP: 126][ATTACK: 66][DEFENCE: 21]
[MP:  0 ][IQ: 56][SPEED: 36][LUCK: 30]

MILO [L12]:
[HP: 88 ][ATTACK: 41][DEFENCE: 25]
[MP: 66 ][IQ: 64][SPEED: 45][LUCK: 47]

PYRA [L13]:
[HP: 84 ][ATTACK: 32][DEFENCE: 37]
[MP: 79 ][IQ: 75][SPEED: 63][LUCK: 42]

And here's the ZIP file with save state and SRAM.

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13 2017 1:23am
by MXC
Excellent, Cull :) Those misses really are a pain in the ass. Sounds like you got hit harder than normal.

Swalch, if you happen to check this again, go ahead and pick it up where Cull left off.

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13 2017 2:04am
by Swalchy
MXC wrote:Swalch, if you happen to check this again, go ahead and pick it up where Cull left off.

Cheeky bugger - checked this thread everyday since! :P

Trial of Courage will be mine!

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13 2017 8:40am
by Cullsoft
Huzzah - good luck with it. :) My luck picked up a little in the second half of the Trial, but those misses... ugh.

Also, after completing the trial I went straight back to town and stopped there - no shopping, no resting, no nipping into the way to Courage for any items or grinding. Only thing I did was pop into the Shrine to save (Milo's should be far from a level up).

FYI, zexxar gave Hiro a Sword which is stronger than the Morning Star, so it's not worth detouring through the MP-draining thorns for the second Morning Star (unless you badly need cash and don't need Gila hanging round anymore).

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13 2017 1:49pm
by Swalchy
Gila's already gone :p

Plus thanks for the tip. Won't go down there then, unless I'm really levelled and don't mind losing the MP before leaving. I like exploring everything, regardless :p

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13 2017 1:53pm
by MXC
But Gila is useful at the end! Oh well ;)

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Feb 14 2017 4:10am
by Swalchy
Psssh. My SitD never needs help from some silly secondary character :p

Anyways - done!

Everything got in the ToC (bar the demon staff, obviously), and completed the trial with very little hassle.

After resting and getting rid of Gila, didn't really check any of the characters stats but noticed there was still 1500 gold coins left. Decided to buy a Bronze Helmet for Hiro, knowing full well that most enemies target him. As it's the ToC, using magic is at it's minimum, so not having to heal so often is ideal.

The path to the ToC is straight forward, until I run into some damn Death-bringers that manage to get all my characters to sleep for 5 bloody minutes! Thankfully, and to my surprise, they could barely hit the force whilst they were sleeping. Either Hiro, Milo, and Pyra have such highly trained senses that they can move in their sleep, or there's something screwy with these death bringers.

Anyway, we get into the ToC, and I decide to go the left way round. First thing to notice: Pyra has a Bronze sword and is doing very little damage. Thankfully, Milo and Hiro are hitting nicely, and Hiro's defence boost means that only the Minotaurs and Grimfowls do more than 1 HP damage. Though to my surprise, the enemies appear to be, err, rather bad at hitting the characters! I don't recall the miss-rate for enemies being this high for SitD, but never mind, use it to my advantage.

Before I know it, I'm staring at the end of the ToC. Either I've become damn good at getting through this game over the years, or this game of SitD is a bit odd. Decide not to go to the end, and continue round to the right side to descend the stairs to the basement, to go and fight the Tortolyde.

Torty falls, rather easily (cast a slow on him using Pyra in the first round. Made it a bit too easy methinks), and I get the Orb of Truth. Still got a few MP to spare, so trot off back a bit to retrieve some of the items past the places where my MP is depleted.

Once retrieved the Woven Hood (given to Milo - he needed the defence), used Pyra's last remaining MP to Egress and go to the weapon shop. Sell a few of the items there, and check his deals section. Notice the Thorn whip - 5500 gold coins. I have over 6000. Purchased, and Pyra can now attack multiple enemies, and do some decent damage. Rest up, and return to the Labyrinth and the ToC.

So much MP, I can't get rid of it fast enough. Grab the remaining items in the cave, then head to level up the characters a bit in the passage just before the exit Muriel-thingy. Get them to Level 17, and then it's time to leave.

I get congratulated on passing the ToC (which, for the record, was hardly making the characters sweat - those Palace Soldiers are some right pussies), and get sent to the entrance to the cave again. Some MP left, so go and grab the morning star and smelling salts before heading for the Labyrinth exit.

Get back to town, sell the items that are unneeded, and save ready for the next guy :)

Lvl: 18
HP: 162
MP: 0
EXP: 14772
IQ: 69
Speed: 45
Luck: 38
Attack: 84
Defence: 26

Lvl: 17
HP: 121
MP: 94
EXP: 14219
IQ: 87
Speed: 61
Luck: 62
Attack: 55
Defence: 35

Lvl: 17
HP: 105
MP: 102
EXP: 14219
IQ: 96
Speed: 81
Luck: 53
Attack: 40
Defence: 48

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Feb 14 2017 4:55am
by MXC
Hey look, it's my turn! Should have time to do it during lunch tomorrow :)

Good job Swalchy, even if it was too easy for you ;)

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Feb 14 2017 10:26am
by zexxar
MXC wrote:Way to be slow, Swalchy. Maybe you can convince zexxar to give you one of his remaining sections ;) If not, I could always let you have Truth

If Swalch wants he can have my Tiral of Wisdom so that he isn't finished already. :thumbsup:

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Feb 14 2017 3:04pm
by Swalchy
zexxar wrote:If Swalch wants he can have my Tiral of Wisdom so that he isn't finished already. :thumbsup:

Would much rather have your level 4, if that's okay? :D

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Feb 14 2017 5:36pm
by MXC
Booted up the save and hopped right into the Labyrinth. In fighting the Grim Wall, I can already tell that somebody has the group leveled a bit high :shifty: Then again, I feel like the last time I played SitD, I was in a similar setup. Anyway, I nabbed the 100 gold from the chest and made my way to the trial. Funny how I remember so many of the enemies (and which to take out first).

Into the trial and things start out smooth, except for the pesky Stallion. I always liked the spinners and how smart I felt when I was 12 that I could walk backward onto them to face the direction I wanted! Continued running through, noticing that Hiro was dodging hits like crazy and Milo taking them like he liked it. Finally go over to the Ghost that almost took out Hiro and Milo before I finally finished him off. Milo learns Quick 2 :)

Ran around some more and remembered that this cave should be called the Cave of Paralysis. f*cking toadstools. ANYWAY! Grabbed the False Idol but skipped the second Ghost, just past the chest behind the cell door. Tracked down the Chainmail. Getting pretty low on MP right now. Oh look, Jackobutch! These little guys are always cool for some reason.

I decide to go fight the last Ghost (remember, I skipped the second) because I quickly forgot my MP situation. Fortunately, Milo lands an awesome blow which cuts about 2 turns out of the battle. Pyra levels up (again) and learns Blaze 3 and Peace :) Make it to the red door with the end in sight... then run into 4 Ostriks. I hate these bastards. Fortunately, this is the only time I have to deal with them.

I go up to fight Mr. Penis Head and promptly put him to sleep (I saved just enough for it) and kick his ass. Pick up the Rune Key and head to get the last chest. Receive the Battle Axe and give it to Milo... and that zaps the rest of my MP. I proceed to have two battles with Dark Wizards that have a lot of fun casting Screen on my characters with 0 MP. Go figure.

Since I managed this in one trip, I'm going to leave weapon purchasing to the next person. I did sell the unnecessary weapons though and can tell you what's new:

Gold: 15,331
Longsword 2,530g (Hiro)
Long Spear 9,500g (Hiro,Milo)
Bronze Armor 3,200g (Hiro)
Iron Helm 3,400g (Hiro)
Madu 2,500g (Hiro, Milo)
Magic Hood 5,800g (Milo, Pyra)

I suggest at least the Madu for Milo and the Magic Hood for Pyra, then mix and match everything else. Of course, a bit of extra grinding will be able to net anything you need ;) Everyone gained a level (2 for Pyra). Since I was a bit high in level going in, it might mean that the group is a bit weak for the last trial. Sorry about that :shifty:

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Sat Feb 18 2017 11:52am
by zexxar
Sorry I was too busy with work the last few days to even check on SFC. I will try to do this this weekend.

@Swalch: Sorry Swalch you can either have this or none because I really like to do level 4 myself .

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Sat Feb 18 2017 2:06pm
by MXC
Level 4 is my favorite as well. Don't blame you.

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Sat Feb 18 2017 9:09pm
by Swalchy

Motherf*&^ing Germans.... :p

I'll take your level 3 if you want MXC in place of this... >.>

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Sat Feb 18 2017 9:16pm
by MXC
Actaully, Wisdom is my least favorite part of the game and I just did one ;)

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Sat Feb 18 2017 9:25pm
by Swalchy
Fine, fine.

Next Team SitD we do, I'm gonna be the first bloody post and get the levels I want!

*downloads save*

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Sat Feb 18 2017 9:28pm
by MXC
Good. Paying attention is a good idea!

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Mon Feb 20 2017 7:30am
by zexxar
As I said Swalch I'm really sorry but level 4 is probably my favorite, but good luck in the trial of wisdom :)

Maybe next time MXC can PM you before even creating a thread, if you ask him to do so nicely ;)

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Feb 21 2017 12:53am
by Cullsoft
If there are quibbles over not wanting to do Trial of Wisdom, I don't mind handling it in exchange for Level 2... though I probably wouldn't have time to do it before next Sunday.

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Feb 21 2017 7:28am
by zexxar
I don't think there are any quibbles, as I understood Swalchy is doing it now, after I offered it to him, otherwise I could I could also do it by myself :)

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Feb 21 2017 1:58pm
by MXC
I think Swalchy may have gotten lost in the labyrinth ;)

Also, happy birthday, Cull! :)

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Feb 28 2017 2:34pm
by zexxar
Swalchy really seems to be lost in the labyrinth. If he won't show up until the weekend I will just do it.

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Feb 28 2017 2:49pm
by MXC
I talked to him briefly and he said he hoped to have it done yesterday. Maybe he's turned into Mortred?

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Feb 28 2017 6:06pm
by Swalchy
Apologies guys - been a busy week! I'm literally doing the battle as I type this - just wait a few hours, and I'll be done ;)

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Feb 28 2017 8:53pm
by zexxar
MXC wrote:Maybe he's turned into Mortred?

If he did it will be my pleasure to 'free' him from being possessed :evilgrin: ... but sadly he already showed up :(

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Feb 28 2017 9:10pm
by Swalchy

Trial of Wisdom - Passed!

You're correct that you were a little underpowered there, MXC - At levels 22-23 now :)

Maxed out the current best equipment the guys can have - though with the Mithril Ore just found in ToW, finally getting some of those mithril weapons :)

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Wed Mar 01 2017 7:12am
by zexxar
Swalchy wrote::lol:

Oh Swalchy finally found out of the dungeon again and the first thing he does is insulting me ... I think he is still tunring into Mortred :shock: ... Luckily I will end his suffering as Darksol's minion soon :thumbsup:


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PostPosted: Wed Mar 01 2017 1:04pm
by MXC
He also gave a weak summary!

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 01 2017 2:16pm
by zexxar
Yeah that is also a sign of him being possessed or brainwashed.
Darksol is erasing his memories as the first step of the brainwashing, that's why he couldn't give a more detailed report :lol:

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 02 2017 7:51pm
by Cullsoft
Agreed on the weak summary... though I may have blindsided you all with my epic battle reports. :biggrin:

Sorry for the delay in following up on this - been busy with a few things so haven't had a chance to get to work on the next chapter. Should get it done either tomorrow or Saturday.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 02 2017 7:54pm
by MXC
No sweat, Cull. Take your time, we all know Swalchy did ;)

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 06 2017 12:30am
by Cullsoft
I'm afraid I haven't been able to complete this chapter over the weekend as promised. :( However, I've been able to at least make an attempt this evening, and can provide a progress report...

- Checked team's equipment... generally looking good, though if it were me I'd have kitted Milo with the Flail for spread damage. Still, let's see how the Battle Axe handles.

- Sold Hiro's Bronze Shield and replaced it with a Madu... probably gonna need that extra attack power for some things coming up...

- Off to see the King to show him how AWESOME the posse has become. My main man Tristan bigs me up. Melvyl couldn't handle the awesome so scarpered before I arrived.

- Trader's now in town, so I decide to do a bit of crafting... seems every game's doing it these days. I have no time for cursed gear, so I sell the Dark Blocks (and the Herb Water and now redundant keys) to get enough to make some Mithril Armour for Milo.

- A quick stop into the Tavern for some HOT 'N' SAUCY SPANKING ACTION! Old Vic nods in approval. Mr. Brax just scratches himself... no, not there.

- Oh arse, Dai's already been returned. I was looking forward to a bit of tally-ho with my adventuring. :p Oh well, at least I can get healed up at the Inn without him running off... or at least I will in a bit.

- Hello Slimy Ooze, are you here to witness my AWESOME?

- Hello Slimy Oozes, are you also here to witness my AWESOME?

- Grimwall cannot stand the Pyra's AWESOME blow.

- Killer bees? How about KILLER- ZEE...ROS? Oh, just die already.

- Off to the second level first encounter is a lone Driffid. It falls before my AWESOME. I then grab the Mithril Ore conveniently left by the entrance, then a little grinding to get Pyra to L23. A veritable swarm of Fungoids helps out with that... can they handle the AWESOME? Well, they but up a good fight, but alas, no.

- Ouch. Bunch of Deadheads by the entrance take down Hiro, and almost take out Milo who's not got enough MP left to revive him. Time to go back to pick some more AWESOME kit.

- Two battles with two groups of two enemies back on level 1. Milo misses his AWESOME Flail.

- Crumbuckets. After collecting Milo's Mithril Armour, selling his old Bronze Armour and reviving Hiro, I'm left with just under the 10000 gold needed to craft a Mithril Shield for Pyra. Oh well, back to the labyrinth - a bit of grinidng in the early levels should get me the AWESOME cash I need.

- A bit of inventory management - Milo gets Pyra's Angel Feather, Hiro gets Milo's Healing Fruit. That way the items are avaialble to people who don't have spell equivalents if things get nasty. :p

- Fungoids divide in two. My AWESOME divides them into several little pieces.

- Sorceror casts Bolt L1. Hiro casts AWESOME. AWESOME wins every time.

- Milo learns the AWESOME power of Desoul!

- Holy crap! Hiro gains another rare (and very much needed) 3 Defence Points! AWESOME!

- Brikeyes! The party do a lousy job against them, failing to spread their attacks for a quicker win. Milo takes more 25-30HP hits than I like to see. Not AWESOME.

- Damn... for a party passed on from Stephen "power level" Walchy, the team feels way underpowered and unAWESOME. :p

- If Milo's going to be using an axe, I guess I'm going to have to Make Axes Great Again. Gird your loins, we're taking on a Sentinel... Pyra Boosts Hiro's Attack! Milo casts Quick L2 on the party! Sentinel hits Hiro for 56! Hiro hits Sentinel for 96! Pyra boosts Milo's attack! Milo hits for 44! Hiro hits for 90! Sentinel dies!... That felt too easy. At least Milo gets a better Great Axe, and the quest continues.

- Our first Maligators! :D Sadly Milo's Great Axe doesn't feel so great, as even with Pyra's help he can't take out his reptitilian target. Not AWESOME at all. :(

- Pyra learns Heal L2. I'd have expected her to have already learned it by now, but am glad she can properly assist with healing duties now. AWESOME.

- Maybe Milo's Great Axe will take out a Deadhead? No, he misses. UnAWESOME imbecile.

- Maybe a quick and AWESOME stroll outside and some fresh air will clear everyone's heads?

- Manage to make it to one set of MP draining vines before Kromeball can jump me, which is an AWESOME relief...

- Only a team as unAWESOME as this could catch a group by surprise and MISS EVERY ATTACK...

- SHIT! KROMEBALL! And with low MP... barely survive the attack, and don't take it out before it explodes and Milo's out of MP...

- BARELY make it to the Magic Hood chest alive. Hiro has 59HP, Milo has 64HP, Pyra has 20HP. Abosolutely 0 MP. Good thing I checked we had an Angel Feather before we set off (and we got one as a drop earlier)... and fortunately just after Hiro and Milo level up! What an AWESOME stroke of luck...

- Back to the town to rest and sell some goods, and buy some decent kit that doesn't leave our arses covered in bruises. I sell Milo's mouldy fur hood, and get an AWESOME Mithril Shield crafted for Pyra. I'm way short of enough money for the AWESOME Magic Mail, but it's not much to trade Pyra's Hemp Robe for a Leather one.

And, at 11:30pm, that's where things take a pause for now. Hopefully I can complete the level tomorrow evening...

...Though I've had a thought while running this level. Once it's finished, you're expected to return to Xern to collect the Medallion, then play though the level again to drop off the Medallion. Is this part of my chapter, or should I pass it on to the next player once I've collected the Medallion from Xern?

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 06 2017 1:35am
by MXC
What an AWESOME report.

I'd normally say to pass the save on to the next person. Since the next person is me though, you can do what you wish. Just let me know how far you made it :)

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 06 2017 11:25pm
by Cullsoft
Back to the fray!

- SHIT! Reaper Desoul takes out Hiro, then their Fungoid buddies poison Milo and Pyra! >:(

- Brikeyes? In the same spot? Crying out loud... and guess what? Hiro misses yet again!

- f*ck! Milo gets downed by another Reaper's Desoul. And the battle drags on far too long from misses. You know what? Screw this, I'm egressing, resting and reviving, and Milo's getting back his Flail.

- Great Axe hits Sorcerors for ~50 damage. Flail hits Sorcerors twice for ~30 damage, AND each hit is finishing off many early level enemies when paired with Pyra. I think I made the right weapon choice.

- Pyra learns Freeze L3. Cool.

- Sorceror drops a Hemp Robe. Dammit I just sold one of these!

- HURRAH! No Brikeyes this time!

- I feel sorry for the newborn Fungoids. Seems the first thing they all see is Hiro AWESOME sword...

- Reapers go down from Pyra's whip and a single hit from Milo's flail? I definitely made the AWESOME weapon choice!


- Damn, that Maligator must have eaten some wicked curry. After belching some seering hot chilli breath, he pegs it - supposedly in need of the gents...

- Hot damn, 8HP level up for Milo? ...No wait, it's for Hiro, not so groovy. Dang similar names.

- Chilli the Maligator returns with his curry buddies - a second Maligator and a couple of Salamanders. Hot stuff coming through (and going down)!


- And of course, next battle is a Kromeball. Fortunately Hiro gets in an UBER-AWESOME blow thanks to Pyra's boost spell, and Milo finishes it off next turn with his AWESOME Flail. No boom today!

- Sodding Kamils and their sodding twerking.

- Time for Hiro to get some better kit. Step aside Sentinel, we want some Sun Armour... oh, you wanna DANCE? That it, one measly hit on Milo before you go? Can't you handle the AWESOME?

- FYI, I skipped battling the Sentinels guarding the paltry 300 gold and Worn Robe (speaking of which, has anyone found a use for this armour aside from selling it for 30G?).

- Oh craptastic. Forgot about the Kromeball who pops up near the end, and I didn't heal up Hiro from the last battle. Fingers crossed he doesn't get hit... and of course that's exactly what happens, immediately after getting boost and quick spells cast on him. Milo revives him, Kromeball immediately double hits Milo to death. Dick. Luckily Pyra hits it with an L2 Sleep next turn while Milo revives AGAIN, and Kromeball continues sleeping twice! Milo (having been boosted earlier) and Milo bring on the pain, Kromeball sleeps but suddenly wakes up! At the elventh hour, Milo's boosted power and AWESOME flail's double hits save the day before it explodes... phew!

- Dammit, Milo, just when you were becoming AWESOME. You had to miss those Kamils and leaves our eyes burning from their twerking, didn't you?

- Ooooooh, shiny water? I wonder what that's about?

And at the bottom of the stairs, to Level 3, I've called it a day. I've made the save state here, ready for MXC to decide whether to plough ahead for a bit or go straight back for the Medallion.

If you're feeling REALLY brave, you could try ploughing on for the Mystic Rope before returning back and collecting L2's hold goodies along the way (and even grabbing the Mithril Ore back in the Cave of Strength)... though it's quite a way through level 3, and MP's down to around 50-60 each.

FYI, I've also kept hold of the Great Axe if (for some bizarre reason) you'd rather switch it for Milo's Flail. There are also a few dropped and redundant items that can be sold too.

Here's the file and stat summary:

Code: Select all
HIRO [L26]:
[HP: 226][ATTACK: 114][DEFENCE: 38]
[MP:  0 ][IQ: 95][SPEED: 64][LUCK: 54]

MILO [L25]:
[HP: 170][ATTACK: 78][DEFENCE: 50]
[MP: 137][IQ: 123][SPEED: 87][LUCK: 104]

PYRA [L25]:
[HP: 146][ATTACK: 56][DEFENCE: 69]
[MP: 146][IQ: 138][SPEED: 115][LUCK: 91]

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 09 2017 3:44am
by MXC
Not much of a report from me since I played this while on the treadmill.

Resumed from Cull's save and managed to make it to the Mystic Rope before getting the hell out of there.

Stopped by to purchase the Dwarf's Key back and was offered some Mithril Ore which I gladly purchased.

Ran to the Cave of Strength and got that Mithril as well.

Just realized we're broke so it looks like I need to run back in for some gold!

Everyone levels and Milo learns Burst 3.

Ran back to level 2 to rope up to level 3 for the GREAT FLAIL. Cull's favorite weapon :shifty:

Did the same as above to get the Storm Sword :)

Remembered that I have to talk to Xern. Oops! I needed the gold anyway :D

Made a Mithril Axe for Milo so he quits hitting like a wuss.

Made a Mithril Shield for Milo so he quits taking a hit like a wuss.

And with all that spending, we still can't afford a Magic Mail. Oh well! Back into the fray :)

Finally (it has been half an hour) toss half of the Medallion into the puddle of piss.

Pop up to Level 4 to fight the Guardian and remember how much he destroys my face. In desperation, I cast Desoul... and it actually works. Giddy with my stupid luck, I pick up the Elven Hood and pass it to Milo. Totally worth it?

Everyone has now leveled twice but I'm still 1k short of the Magic Mail :stare:

I get the 1k from an anonymous donor (your mother).

Milo and Pyra only need their end-game helms to complete their sets (Unless you want Pyra to have the Hex Whip). Hiro needs everything.

Pyra levels for the third time and learns Bolt 2

Head to level 4 and get the Enduro Staff and fight some Vyper's for 5 minutes because they like to paralyze. At least Hiro levels for the third time.

Head up to level 4 yet again (because I'm a glutton for punishment) and almost get destroyed completely by a bunch of Meat Zombies. I make it through and get Milo his third level up and Heal 4 :D I get some Holy Water and another Mithril Ore.

Pick up the Light Helm for Hiro.

Pyra levels to 29.

OH SHIT A BLACKBONE. I was not prepared for this. But I kill him anyway.

Hiro levels to 30.

Milo levels to 29.

Pyra levels to 30.

Hiro levels to 31.

Dark Sol is such a troll.

Not sure if everyone is leveled up properly but they seemed fine to me. One Mithril is in the inventory and everyone is healed and ready to go.

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Thu Mar 09 2017 8:07am
by zexxar
Will probably do it on Saturday no time before then.


After having to start over 2 time because I was so unlucky with the Insta kills :( I was finally able to achieve my first goal which is always getting my hand on the Light Blade so that I can spam Bolt for free :) .Because I still had some MP left I tried to get my hands also on the Frost Armor and the Healing Ring which I also could get. After getting those Items I egressed.

But I was always wondering why Pyras damage was so low until I noticed that she is still equipped with the Thorn Whip. So I made a newly Hex Whip and then paused for now. Maybe I will do some leveling before going to beat some sense into Mortred.

Edit 2:

I went in another time and wanted to level some which is quite easy with Bolt 3 from the Light Blade and the Hex Whip most groups are taken down quite easy. I also made it to the Hand Eaters because I thought they'd give some more Exp but instead one of them droppen a Black Box :shock: . I continued leveling using it until it cracked. Went out and after repairing it went in another time, this time I made it to Mortred and on the way I got a Miracle Herb as a drop, also nice :D . Morted was easy to take down because he never did a critical hit and I always kept the heal up with Pyra and Milo. But because I forgot to take out the coin I have to get in another time to activate the fountain on level 4 :(

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 13 2017 7:07pm
by Swalchy
Good going, zex :)

Forgot about the Hex Whip. Going to be playing through SitD myself soon, so will have to keep that in mind for when the trader comes along :)

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 13 2017 7:24pm
by MXC
:lol: I hate forgetting the medallion.

Btw, what is with the level 3 hate? It really isn't a bad level.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 14 2017 5:12pm
by zexxar
Last time I saved in front of the fountain of level 4 without the Medallion but because I already freed Jessa I died on purpose so that I get fully healed and the nwent in another time. This time I took the medaillon with me and rushed through the level straight to the fountain, not much trouble thanks to Bolt + Hex Whip and the Black Box. So I threw in the Medaillon and saved there. :thumbsup:

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Mar 14 2017 5:51pm
by MXC

Sent a PM to Phill about his battles. If he can't do them, does anyone want to volunteer? We've all done two some I'm not sure if I should split these last two sections up or not. I personally don't want to do the Treasure Hunting :shifty:

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Mar 14 2017 8:00pm
by zexxar
zexxar wrote:What I don't want to do is the Treasure Hunting.

Just in case haha :lol: But if no CW can't do it and no one else wants to kick Darksol's ass I'd do it :)

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Mar 14 2017 11:39pm
by Swalchy
I'll treasure hunt! I like wandering around the labyrinth :)

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Mar 14 2017 11:50pm
by MXC
Hop to it :)

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Sun Mar 19 2017 9:23pm
by Swalchy
Woo - treasure hunting complete!

After getting the save and starting from my place in level 4, thought I'd hop through the level to see how strong the force was doing.

IMMEDIATELY encounter a Blackbone. Sure thing, I'll test the force with this guy. Should be a breeze.

Princess Jessica hits for 3 HP (what, didn't return the dumb blonde to the king?), Pyra hits for... 6 HP (wtf), Milo misses (god dammit), Hiro hits for 128 HP (that's better). Blackbone does two MASSIVE hits on Hiro, reduced to 100 HP.

Things don't look too good atm...

Next round, we finally finish the Blackbone off (thanks to critical strike from Milo).

Time to check wtf is up with the force.

Hiro - No Shield. WHY IS THERE NO SHIELD? *cries*
Milo - Elven Hood. WHERE'S THE MITHRIL HELMET? *cries*
Pyra - No Hex Whip equipped, and has Mithril Hood. WHY ISN'T SHE EQUIPPED WITH HER MAIN WEAPON, AND WHY DOESN'T SHE HAVE THE ELVEN HOOD? *cries*

Equip Pyra with the Hex Whip, and Egress. Leave Jessica at the Castle, and almost get a Magic Ring, but hands are full (motherfu....). To town!

Sell Thorn Whip and Iron Whip. Also sell the two healer fruits (don't need them really), and go back to the castle and get my Magic Ring. Magic Ring given to Milo. Don't bother getting a shield for Hiro - should be enough to survive until level 3.

Rest up in town, and then it's back to the dungeon.

Firstly, to the Cave of Strength to retrieve the Forbidden Box. First encounter in the dungeon? Slimey Ooze. Oh Mr. Jelly. I really do feel sorry for you.

Pyra obliterates Oozey, but still manages to get tangled in the whip. Pretty much setting the bar for the upcoming battles.

Pyra is one strong bitch, killing anything and everything in the groups' path. Only time Milo and Hiro have to step in is when Pyra somehow misses, or there's more than one group of monsters.

Get through the CoS far too easily. Forbidden Box recovered. Head back out and to the Cave of Courage. CoC is also a piece of chocolate cake, getting the Demon Staff easily.

Time for the Cave of Truth. Slightly more is needed from Milo and Hiro in this cave, though very few monsters survive a crack of Pyra's whipping skills. She very rarely survives a round of NOT getting tangled in the bloody whip. But the second Magic Ring is fetched by the force, and granted to Pyra.

Had yet to heal a single member of the force. Things looking rather boring challenge wise. Maybe level 2 will be a bit tougher?

Get to Level 2 - several groups of monsters now, but all seem to want to run away! Stay and fight you damn cowards! There's 8 of you - 8! Bleugh.

Out of storage space. Quick egress to town to sell the Box, Staff and Dwarf's Key. Don't bother resting up, and head straight back to dungeon again.

Back on level 2. Monsters still running away if there's too many groups to survive a Pyra-attack. Time for more of a challenge.

Sentinels. Sentinels must put up a fight surely?

No. No they don't. All of them go down with barely a scratch on the force. Suffice to say, the force is strong with our heroes!

Have already picked up the barrier ring and given it to Pyra. Have a lovely scenic ride on the outside of the dungeon before getting to the second half of the level. Monsters fall left, right and centre. If they actually bled, this dungeon would be a little blood bath.

None of the sentinels are safe either. Defeat all four of them in the middle in a row. The several attacks that have gotten through to Hiro have built up damage now. A heal 3 sorts it all out. Force more or less at full capacity to tackle level 3 to get Hiro's shield.

Level 3 - now we have some monsters hitting harder than before! Still, Pyra and her Hex Whip cause more than enough damage during the first round to kill, or severely wound them. Milo and Hiro can do nothing but kill a monster in one strike, even here on Level 3. Groups of monsters now rarely less than 3, so Hiro starts getting hit a bit more. Also have some that have breath attacks, which hit all three members for around 20-40 HP. Having to heal a bit more, and have Pyra using her magic spells so she can survive the first round.

Thankfully, the Light Shield isn't too far into Level 3. Recover it, and have Hiro equip it. Now his defence is over 200.

This is the last of the treasure to find, but I still have quite a bit of magic power left. Decide to go through the rest of the level and see how much of it I end up using.

Get to the end of Level 3, and still got half of Milo and Pyra's MP left. Time for some more EXP gaining on Level 4!

Level 4 really starts getting tougher, with them Golems being a bit of a pain to defeat, with Pyra not doing too much to them with the Whip. Blaze 4 seems to work quite well mind :evilgrin:

Get to the end of level 4, and Milo has 2 MP left, and Pyra has 13 MP left. Time to end it here, just before the gold fountain :)

Hiro - 39
Milo - 37
Pyra - 38

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Mon Mar 20 2017 7:39pm
by MXC
Good job Swalchy. Yes, I would hope the earlier parts of the game would not be challenging :lol: And apparently zexxar really wants them to be since everyone was equipped so oddly ;)

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Tue Mar 21 2017 10:33pm
by Swalchy

I take it we're all okay with waiting for when CW is able to finish the last level?

Try and defeat Dark Sol on the lowest level you can, CW! :p

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Wed Mar 22 2017 1:27pm
by MXC
He won't be able to so I'll see if someone else wants it. Cull has had the longest gap so first shot goes to him ;)

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Wed Mar 22 2017 10:47pm
by Cullsoft
Happy to give it a shot this weekend, if folks don't mind waiting a touch longer. Only just got back from a short holiday, so hadn't really been around to follow up on this.

An alternative idea that sprang to mind was that, given this was the last section, we all give it a shot and report on how we all fared - what kit we chose, how our final battles played out, etc.

Oh, and having noticed all the chat over being stuck with the Thorn Whip and having to upgrade it to the Hex Whip... you guys did remember the Steel Whip's near the start of Level 4, right? It may not have as much firepower, but the lack of tangling up saves our innocent eyes from yet more of Pyra's BDSM adventures... :p

And the Elven Hood is one bizarrity. Despite the name, it doesn't fit Pyra, an Elf, but does fir Milo, a Hobbit...

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Sat Mar 25 2017 3:26pm
by Swalchy
Hadn't even crossed my mind about that, Culley. We sure it's not a translational mistake?

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Sun Mar 26 2017 6:25pm
by Cullsoft
Swalchy wrote:Hadn't even crossed my mind about that, Culley. We sure it's not a translational mistake?

This is partial guesswork as I don't have a JP copy of it, but I've tried looking it up in my Japanese guidebooks, and having deduced which item I think is the Elven Hood, it appears to be called...

..."BiRuBo no Fu-Do"...

...which, being mostly Katakana, roughly translates to...

..."Hood of Bilbo".

So it seem it's named after Mister Baggins himself, which would most certainly mean it's for Hobbits like Milo. The translation team sure missed a trick on that one. :eyebrow:

I'm now wondering if wearing it to Old Vic's should invoke the cockerel bard to appear with a digitised version of this little ditty...

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Mon Mar 27 2017 4:48pm
by Dr. Casey
This was a fun thread to read, Shining in the Darkness fans being bros together is pretty comfy.

As for which level's my favorite, I'd vote for whichever one it is that has the healing spring. Grinding for experience points has always been pretty relaxing and zen to me in RPGs, and the availability of free HP and MP restoration makes being able to do so just that much more convenient. Though I'm a huge fan of the Labyrinth Proper in general for having such an awesome musical score (the earlier parts of the Labyrinth have an okay and serviceable BGM, but certainly nothing as cool and blood-pumping as the latter half of the game).

Looking forward to seeing the game completed. :thumbsup:

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Mon Mar 27 2017 10:50pm
by Cullsoft
And off into Level 5 we shall go...

- First a quick little battle against some Hobgoblins. Pyra gets tangled in her whip, but the battle goes well and Hiro levels up. After a quick test that the medallion is sending me to L4, I egress out - not just for the inn, but also to clear some space in the currently full inventory.

- Out go the Miracle Herb, Barrier Ring, Herb Water, Holy Water and Orb of Truth. I also buy back Pyra's Steel Whip to switch with the Hex Whip... forgetting that the dang thing's cursed her, though it does play that neato jingle. >:D Well, there goes a fiver to the church.

- A visit to the inn, and some handy tips from Edward before bedtime. Then back to the final level of the labyrinth!

- Okay, so Steel Whip's doing about 10 points less damage than the Hex Whip. But it's little difference when Hiro's Light Blade bolting all and sundry for 80-100 points per victim...

- First I turn left to rais the chests down that way... oh yeah, one of them's a Handeater. And they know Freezing Breath. Oh well, it's still down in a round.

- OOH! OOH! GOLLUMS! And you know what that means? Muddle L2 and let them hand over their treasure... Wait, Pyra only knows Muddle L1? A pox on this underlevelled team! Come, my party, there's grinding to be done!

- Ouch. Blackbone unleashes a 167 point critical on Pyra. Down in one. Fortunately she gets Boost L1 on Hiro, who takes the skeletal beastie out while Milo revivies her.

- I knew there was a trapdoor in front of that chest. I fell into it deliberately. Honest I did.

- Okay, I'd forgotten that chest was a Handeater... and that they can howl in pain. Dick took out Milo. Time to Egress out, rest up, revive Milo and sell a few of the goodies picked up so far. And get an emergency Angel Wing in case Milo and Pyra both get downed next time. :P

- I knew there was a reason I wanted to keep hold of the Cell Key. :) Now, is it worth Making Pyra a Light Robe? I think it is, but later...

- The moment I stepped on that turntable, I knew it was going to send me round to the trapdoor...

- HOLY CRAP! I didn't realise Crystal Oozes appeared before the final trapdoor... and 7 of them too! They are SO getting Black Boxed (good thing I passed it to Pyra for earliest use)! Sadly 5 run away before Pyra sets it off, but 60000 EXP is not to be snffed at - especially if it gets Pyra the mighty Muddle L2!

- And just before the Light Armour, ANOTHER 7 OOZES! Sadly this battle goes far from smoothly, as two immediately get off Freeze L4s which down Hiro, then another casts Muddle L2 successfully on Pyra... fun to see her grab an ooze, hurl it for all she's worth, only for it to shake off the attack... Fortunately, 2 are downed again (as well as a Slimy Ooze who somehow races all the way up from the Labyrinth entrance).

- Whoo yeah, Hiro's now full threaded in his Shining Knight getup. Now back to the pool to get the blessing of... nothing? Oh yeah, first I have to make a little girl cry... wait, that don't sound right, no siree...

- But first, it's through the purple doors back to the start to find them Gollums. After a fair bit of grinding (and about 3 Blackbones in a row), a troop of 3 turn up... and fortune is with me, as the Muddle L2 hits all three and one hands over it's treasure. MXC, the Great Flail may be great... but the triple-hitting Super Flail is - you guessed it - AWESOME!

- Having got what I came for, I egress to sell off some of my goods, get Pyra a Light Robe (it's slightly weaker defence than the Magic Mail, but seems to give better magic defence), rest up and get some of Jessa's sweet salty tears to feed my power.

And that's where I call it a night, as it's now 10:30pm and my body clock still hasn't adjusted to British Summer Time (I should have been waiting for the bus to work by the time I woke up this morning...). The story shall conclude later this week...

Re: Team Shining in the Darkness #2

PostPosted: Mon Mar 27 2017 11:19pm
by MXC
Hey, it's Dr. Casey! I agree about the labyrinth proper; I've always enjoyed the BGM after slogging through the trials (in regards to music and gameplay).

Cull is getting a little kinky with whips and flails :lol: I look forward the the rest of your report.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 03 2017 9:40pm
by Swalchy
*le bump*

Culley! CULLEY! Where are ye?

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 05 2017 11:09pm
by Cullsoft
Sorry abput the lack of updates. I'm in the middle of a hectic few weeks at work, and it seems like everyone wants to grab my free time for one thing or another, so on the few occasions I have been able to get some free time for myself I've found myself too exhausted to do much more than cook and eat dinner, let alone essetinal housework and cleaning up. Most evenings I haven't been out I've wound up falling asleep at my desk. :(

I've tried to make a bit more progress with the final push, but sadly nothing more than grinding a couple of levels in preparation.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 05 2017 11:42pm
by MXC
No sweat, Cull :)

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 09 2017 6:14pm
by Cullsoft
Okay, here's the final update.

Since my last update, I got the party to the Spirit's fountain, picked up the Dark Scimitar (for more looty cash), proceeded to the end area of the level and picked up the two Miracle Herbs on the way to Darksol's lair. On the way I only got two Crystal Oozes, but enough for the best part of an extra level.

Here's how things look before we start final assault...

Code: Select all
HIRO [L51]:
[HP: 426][ATTACK: 212][DEFENCE: 70]
[MP:   0][IQ: 175][SPEED: 116][LUCK: 97]
[WPN: 362][AMR: 264]

MILO [L47]:
[HP: 304][ATTACK: 140][DEFENCE: 94]
[MP: 236][IQ: 214][SPEED: 161][LUCK: 236]
[WPN: 165][AMR: 222]

PYRA [L49]:
[HP: 281][ATTACK: 104][DEFENCE: 132]
[MP: 259][IQ: 272][SPEED: 216][LUCK: 170]
[WPN: 139][AMR: 242]

Ooh! Chimera drops frost armour! That would have been handy... ages ago... if it hadn't been picked up before they're encountered... and could be used by more than one person...

As getting this game finished has been nagging on me all of the last week or so, it's gonna be a power run to Darksol's Lair... Laser Dance, think you can help me with that?

So, no crystal oozes encountered on the way, but Bildbloks seem to be around every other corner! Fortunately all the ones in the final stretch are obsessed with ineffective bloodshot eyes (though a warhorse compensates by giving Milo a 150HP AWESOME kick).

I've created a save state right before the path to Dark Sol's lair - see below.

And now the final battle! Here are the stats I'm going in with...

Code: Select all
HIRO [L53]:
[HP: 440][ATTACK: 219][DEFENCE: 73]
[MP:   0][IQ: 181][SPEED: 121][LUCK: 100]
[WPN: 369][AMR: 267]
Equipment: Light Blade, Arms of Light

MILO [L47]:
[HP: 317][ATTACK: 146][DEFENCE: 98]
[MP: 242][IQ: 223][SPEED: 167][LUCK: 246]
[WPN: 171][AMR: 226]
Equipment: Super Flail, Mithril Armour & Shield, Elven Hood

PYRA [L49]:
[HP: 291][ATTACK: 108][DEFENCE: 137]
[MP: 266][IQ: 283][SPEED: 225][LUCK: 178]
[WPN: 143][AMR: 247]
Equipment: Steel Whip, Light Robe, Mithril Shield & Hood

Let battle commence!

- Pyra casts L1 boost on Hiro!
- Milo attacks!
- Hiro attacks! An aewesome 627 point blow! :sweatdrop:
- Dark Sol hits back with demonbreath!
- Pyra attacks!
- Milo attacks!
- Hiro attacks!
- Dark Sol hits back with demonbreath!
- Pyra attacks!
- Milo attacks!
- Hiro attacks!
- Dark Sol is down! WE WIN!... oh... wait... ruddy hell.

- Pyra casts L1 boost on Hiro!
- Milo casts Quick L2 on party!
- Dark Sol attacks Hiro and casts Bolt L3 on the party!
- Hiro attacks!
- Pyra casts L1 boost on Milo!
- Milo attacks!
- Hiro attacks!
- Dark Sol attacks Hiro twice! Hiro's down to ~75HP...
- (Oh, a side note - Milo's boosted super flail does 3x 100-110 damage - more than Hiro's ~260 damage with the boosted Light Blade!)
- Pyra casts L4 Bolt on Darksol!
- Milo casts L3 Heal on Hiro!
- Dark Sol casts Bolt L3 on the party!
- Hiro attacks!
- Pyra casts L4 Bolt on Darksol!
- Milo attacks! Darksol's arms are down!
- Dark Sol attakcs Hiro and casts demonbreath! Everyone's down to condition yellow...
- Hiro attacks!
- Pyra casts L4 Bolt on Darksol!
- Milo casts L4 Heal on the party!
- Hiro attacks!
- Dark Sol attacks Milo!
- Pyra casts Heal L2 on Milo!
- Milo attacks!
- Dark Sol casts demonbreath and attacks Hiro!
- Hiro attacks!
- Pyra casts Heal L2 on Hiro!
- Milo attacks! DOWN IN ONE! A WINNER IS YOU!

- It's back to the village. Gilius is in a strop because we've put him and the armourer out of business. The priest says Milo will always be rememebred in Elven lore, despite not being an elf.

- Up at the castle. The King makes Hiro first knight Milo his aide. Xern's been observing Pyra's potential and wants to teach her all he knows (perv).

And so peace comes to Thornwood, another Team Game is completed, and all is well...

... at least for a couple of years. But I've still got to build and playtest the prototype before we even start getting into that story. ;)

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 09 2017 6:54pm
by MXC
If you can get a good hack made, we'll make a team game out of it :)