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But (the monster) "Takes No Damage"...

Discussion about this classic Genesis/Mega Drive game.

But (the monster) "Takes No Damage"...

Postby Doomblade66 » Sun Apr 30 2017 5:47pm


As I'm sure many have experienced over the years, the irritating "takes no damage" pop up, upon some of your character's attacks on the enemies, is one of the most potentially game-altering / battle-changing things that can happen to you. I just came from such an experience in Level-2 of the Labyrinth, when I ran into a group of 5 Reapers, set up in a 2 and 3 monster mini-formation (annoying in its own right, as I couldn't blitz the whole lot with magic from Milo and Pyra).

Milo and Pyra did destroy the set of 3, thanks to Blast-3 / Blaze-3 wombo-combo, but that left the last 2 standing. My main character destroyed one, then Pyra managed to get "takes no damage" with her whip strike, and Milo (using the Flail, to get past such irritations, most of the time) managed to strike with one of his attacks, for 30-something, but the second one got the "but Reaper took no damage".

This left the final Reaper the opportunity to cast Desoul, and drop my main character instantly. :(

Sure, Milo was able to cast Revive right after the fight concluded, and thus it wasn't "run ending" or anything, but it made me think. As many times as I've played this gem, and it's funny how it still sort of stands up in 2017 even !, I have never figured out the "takes no damage" mechanic, and thought I'd ask here to Dark Kobold or other Hex Lords of SITD, who have looked at the game code, in recent years.

Like...is there a "flat % chance" of any single attack causing the monster to "take no damage" ? If so, what is that ? 5% ? 10% ? I know that the special characters: Gila, Dai, Jessa - can't actually "miss" with their attacks, and they always do a set amount of damage, within a range (like Dai seems to be 7-12, if memory serves). But all of the normal characters (Hero, Milo, Pyra) - seem to have that chance for any attack - be it with their unarmed fists, or even while wielding the Sword of Light and Boosted, in the end game - attacking a lowly Slime - there still seems to be SOME % chance of the attack doing nothing to the foe.

(the exception I've seen, in addition to those special characters I mentioned, is Magic attacks or "items that have a magical attack effect, when used" - all appear to ALWAYS do damage. You will never cast Bolt-2, and have the screen show "but Ghoul suffers no damage". However, any Physical attack seems to have that potential to do nothing to the target, upon striking them.

Any info would be appreciated on the %'s for this, if anyone knows ! And....it's good to see you all again. Can't forget my Shining Buddies after all this time :thumbsup:

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Re: But (the monster) "Takes No Damage"...

Postby sulfuroxp » Mon May 01 2017 3:26am

I remember that in the editor you can see the EVASION of each monster (it's a number, but don't know much is in the reality)
plus, I don't know is there another mechanic, a RNG or something

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