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Bored members discuss penis bones.

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Re: Bored members discuss penis bones.

Postby Chaos Wizard » Mon Jan 16 2017 4:15am

Dude some of his later work is his absolute best work hands down.

Most people typically associate with his early work, but I would say his later output is probably just as prolific if not more so. He defined music in the 70's and the 80's, but by the mid to late 90's he was ignoring what literally everyone else was doing and just doing what he wanted to do. Most significantly with albums like Heathen and Blackstar he made music that can't be described even as being rock, or conventional in any way. In particular in Blackstar.

Admittedly as much as I wanted to like The Next Day, it just doesn't do it for me. There are some cool ideas there, but it's like the plain Jane for me personally when looking at what had come immediately before and after it. Heathen and Reality are two of my favorites, and Blackstar is probably going to go down in my book as one of the most brilliant and growingly so albums I've ever listened to.
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Re: Bored members discuss penis bones.

Postby Ghostly Jenn » Mon Jan 16 2017 4:23am

I feel like i cant add any input as i missed my vote. I can, however, talk shit about NC cos i helped put him in office but the guy before him passed some shit which basically puts this new guy in a lockdown. Its so dumb.

I honestly havent heard any of his new stuff unless what CW linked a while ago was part of it. Thats why i personally dont really have favorite albums because i like a lot of tracks from each one when it comes to certain artists. Some people just think theyre hip when they say they prefer older stuff. I used to be like that about games but truth be told there are gems and shit in past and present games. I talk about how i like deadmau5 and i have teenagers telling me that my taste in music sucks based on that alone because "real music comes from the 80s." Celtic Woman is an example of some damn fine music but it isnt from the 80s. And a lot of it could be what CW posted; i work around either really old or really young people and i dont get much time around people my age. So im only able to speak from my experiences.

Sorry it just bugs me when topics that are similar to that pet peeve crop up. Instead of just saying shit is garbage without giving it a shot for yourself, give it a chance and you might like it. Not you as in you guys but you know, generally speaking. Funny story i hated FPS games but because of my crush on someone i gave a FPS game a shot and i absolutely love that series despite my dislike for FPS games.
Ghostly Jenn

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Re: Bored members discuss penis bones.

Postby Pingurules » Mon Jan 16 2017 12:23pm

@Jenn Yeah, sometimes there are anomalies in my general preferences. For example, I like RPGs and bullet hells, but that executable file of the year that I refuse to call a "game"...

Say... isn't this thread supposed to be locked after ten pages?
For some reason, I find the majority of birds to be irresistibly cute.

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For some reason, I find the majority of birds to be irresistibly cute.

SFC RPG: Wins-14 Losses-684 Escapes-57

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