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SF4 in a new form

community rallying to make a new SF

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SF4 in a new form

Postby shining4rth » Tue Nov 06 2018 3:40pm

Hi All,
I and my brother have been a long time SF lover from the sf-sf3 series and in-betweeners. We would like with the aid of the community participation to make a new SF a realization...

It has been long and we have not really seen anything to that level appear on the app stores etc...
So hope to hear and get all of your thumbs up on it.

Let me begin with a few questions that would aid our team in the right path:

1. which mechanic was or is most important to you that is a must for it to be a SF and why?
2. How much is storyline plays a factor?
3. which SF was most memorable to you and why?

Thank you all as this would aid in our first leap.

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Re: SF4 in a new form

Postby thepeaguy » Sat Nov 24 2018 3:48am

As the membership here are mostly reminiscing on their years on this message board, I'll bite.

I don't feel that story is essential to a strategy rpg subseries of the Shining series: the Shining Force series. With the exception of SF3, as I feel that Camelot executed the story rather well, it shouldn't be convoluted for the sake of it. The gameplay is what truly matters. Besides, you can make a greater impact on the player with a simplistic story formula. Look at the legendary Zelda series, as an example.

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Re: SF4 in a new form

Postby Rune » Sat Nov 24 2018 7:31pm

shining4rth wrote: on the app stores etc...

Let's get down to business. We're not going to pay for some iphone trash you and your bro make.

I barely have the energy to follow the community project here, and they are doing good work. Maybe you should consider talking with the people working on that. However, that project specifically made an effort to hide themselves after someone invited in a developer that made a cheap shining force ripoff.
Bury me with my money.
Bury me with my money.

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Re: SF4 in a new form

Postby Medion » Thu Dec 06 2018 10:56am

I kind of disagree. What keeps me hooked is a combination of gameplay and story. If story is bad I wont be playing the game too long (for example Disgaea an a lot strategy games, except for example FE, are always poor on stories and i abandon them halfway even if i like the combat system)
What kept me hooked on SF3 was the lore feel, the plot, the characters, etc.. Of course i loved the battle system as well. (oh and the music <3 )

I dont mind Shining ripoffs (SF1-3 / StHA), since that's what i really miss.. I actually programmed a StHA style game for a project. Well it's just a prototype, with just one area.


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Re: SF4 in a new form

Postby Alexander_13 » Sat Jan 12 2019 5:14pm

i would like to be like a continuation of sf3

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