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New Old Member (more like super ancient) Here Nostalgia

(Re?) Introduction

A place to welcome new members, and give them the opportunity to settle in, ask questions about the rules if they're not sure about any etc :) A good place to make your first post!

New Old Member (more like super ancient) Here Nostalgia

Postby XxXGhaleonXxX » Thu Nov 22 2018 7:23am

Hello All, :)

Interesting story, I actually used to frequent these boards quite a bit back in the early 2ks and I'm happy to see that it's still up and running. I doubt any of the original members are still around but I got bitten by the nostalgia bug a few days ago and decided to do a quick google search for the site.

So the other day, while doing some needed cleaning, I happen to bump into my old college laptop. Out of pure curiosity I quickly plug it in and lo & behold, it actually turned on! Mind you, I haven't seen this thing in over 15 years. To say the least, it was as if I was opening a window to the past, a certified time capsule. I found old emails from exes, photos, old games (Diablo and Diablo 2), old school projects, etc. And while I could not get it to read my current WiFi setting (expected) I did see my browsing history and favorites taps which had SFC.

I have fond memories of this place as this was the first ever forum I've ever been a member off. Thought I don't even remember my username, I can definitely say that this is where I learned to "Internet" :shock: . I remember such things like a member named something like "Ritcher, Ritchy, Ritch" pretending to be a female user all in the name of a social experiment and Moogie sharing with us a bit about the going ons of her personal life.

Anyway, thought I'd pass by and see how my, really old, stomping grounds were doing.

Quick question,

How come I don't see anything on Shinning Resonance?

And, have you guys seen this?

https://nichegamer.com/2017/11/18/camel ... -force-iv/

SF4 maybe happening!

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Re: New Old Member (more like super ancient) Here Nostalgia

Postby thepeaguy » Sat Nov 24 2018 3:39am

Hello there. :)

I started posted here in late 2002, but I'm not really a regular. I post here now and then.

Yes, that article has been discussed here in the "All Things Shining" forum, I believe. However, I personally don't think nothing will come of it; Camelot and Sega have burnt their bridges.

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