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Now an adult, back to gaming

A place to welcome new members, and give them the opportunity to settle in, ask questions about the rules if they're not sure about any etc :) A good place to make your first post!

Now an adult, back to gaming

Postby DocOwer » Mon Jan 08 2018 4:09pm

Hey to you all :) After I worked a lot the past ten years and neglected my good old gaming website (http://www.rpg-o-mania.com), I'm slowly recreating all of the accounts I had now that I have a steadier job and - even with kids - more time for gaming. I'm glad that some of the old places still exist :D I just recently replayed Shining Force I and II (can't seem to familiarize myself with III, thoug)

Maybe some chaps still remember my name from the olden, olden days.

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