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Hi there!

First post, new member.

A place to welcome new members, and give them the opportunity to settle in, ask questions about the rules if they're not sure about any etc :) A good place to make your first post!

Hi there!

Postby dwfitzgerald » Tue May 02 2017 1:28pm


Registered for an account because I lucked into a caseless copy of Shining Force III that I'm willing to sell cheap. 2 buyers on eBay so far have failed to make a payment after using Buy It Now, I'm assuming they're fake accounts bidding because I'm undercutting everyone so severely.

Anyway, would it be alright if I posted a link to the eBay auction in the Shining Force III boards? Or could I invite people to PM me for it or something? I'd really like it to go to an enthusiast with a Saturn who will really enjoy it, and this board seems a likely place to find someone like that.

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Re: Hi there!

Postby Dandy » Thu May 25 2017 5:42am

I'm sure somebody here would love to have the game. I myself already own a copy.

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