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Hello there :)

A place to welcome new members, and give them the opportunity to settle in, ask questions about the rules if they're not sure about any etc :) A good place to make your first post!

Hello there :)

Postby DarkSynbios » Mon Sep 03 2018 8:01pm

Hello guys! My name is Leonidas I've been Sega fan for 3 decades and going on, I visit the site for many years and today I took the opportunity to say hello to this great community :D . I love Shining Force games and mostly SF3 because it was the one who bring me first time to RPG/Strategic games and still my favourite one.
( a little story be my side) Back in days my favourite console it was the Sega Saturn and support it a lot buying nice games and never regret it, but when came the year 1998 I knew I don't see much stuff from Saturn but I don't give up and continue buying the last games which is not only 4 but more from 10. The only game who keep in interesting to play again and again it was Shining Force 3, man I still have the feeling inside me when played first time the game, the scenario, the battle system, the incredible effects etc. Now I'm back again to finish all scenarios starting again from SC1. :)

Thats all! Happy to be member on this community!

"Thanatos give me the power!"

(Sorry for my bad English)

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Re: Hello there :)

Postby thepeaguy » Mon Sep 17 2018 1:42am


It's quiet here now. It used to thrive 14 years ago. Then again, I wasn't much of a regular when I first posted in late 2002.

Enjoy your time here. Hopefully, you'll make some like minded acquaintances along the way.

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