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Legacies of Veridocia

Community Project

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Legacies of Veridocia

Postby MXC » Wed Apr 16 2014 1:35am

Legacies of Veridocia is a fan-made tactical RPG that features a unique story, cast of characters, art, etc. From top to bottom, everything in this game has been developed from scratch between 2008 and the present. While a spiritual successor to the tactical RPGs of the 16-bit era, Legacies of Veridocia has no ties to any other game.

The game is being developed here and the team is accepting new members. If you would like to join, navigate here and join the CP Access group. If you do not hear back from me within 24 hours of the request, please send me a private message stating so.

The project is mostly in need of those familiar with game music compilation, programming a game engine, spriting 16-bit images, and making game maps. We do accept all help though and welcome all contributions. Even if I didn’t list your skillset above, please feel free to help wherever you see fit.

We do not have a planned completion date and do not set deadlines for any work to be done. We all do this for fun so we submit new material when we see fit and do not pressure anyone to rush. I update everything as soon as there is something to update.

This topic will be used for future updates on the overall progress of the project. The project forum itself will contain spoilers pertaining to the game so if you wish to be left in the dark concerning details, this topic is perfect for you.

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Re: Legacies of Veridocia

Postby Corsair » Wed Apr 16 2014 2:50am

To better protect the assets of this project from misuse, we have decided that any work submitted for use with this project (Legacies of Veridocia) should be released under the...drumroll, please...

CREATIVE COMMONS - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

I know that's a mouthful, but here. Let's explore what that actually means:
http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ - plain language
http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/legalcode - Legalese

Read both links. The first makes the intent of the license clear; the second the the heavy legalese. I know it sucks, but if you want to protect your work, you can do a lot worse.

So, just to be as blunt as I can be:
By submitting work for the Legacies of Veridocia project, you agree that you have read and understand this license, and agree that this license applies to your submitted work.

Don't let that discourage you. The license is actually *totally awesome.*

But bear in mind that I am not a lawyer, and the text below is not to be construed as legal counsel.

There are a number of reasons why we have decided to apply this license to any submitted works, most of which are beneficial to you:

+ The CC license linked above is a very "open" license. by releasing work under this license, you are guaranteed that we will not (and cannot legally) use your work for personal profit, and that your work will be credited to you if it is used.
+ A lot of editing happens during the development process; this license ensures that any work of yours that is edited and submitted, will still be attributed to you, and cannot be used for commercial purposes.
+ If anyone uses your work in a way that violates the license, you will have legal recourse. Basically, if someone uses or modifies your work without attribution, you can sue the shit out of them!
+ Your name gets on the credits, even if you only submit one asset!
+ You are still free to use the assets you submit for other projects
+ Your work does not belong to us. It belongs to you
+ This is the big one: You can still use your own work for commercial purposes!

We do have to look after our own hides, and the above applies to us as well. Here's a couple of ways it works to our advantage:

+ The license implies that any work submitted here can be used for the project, or any other projects as long as the terms of the license are observed.
+ If anyone submits work here, and then accuses any of us of stealing their work, it gives us a measure of legal protection. So if you submit or post your work for this project, it is now part of the Creative Commons.
+ This license in particular allows us to edit your submissions to better fit with the aesthetic we are aiming for (as long as your work is attributed as the original. Please keep your original versions for reference!) to give it a more cohesive look and feel. And just to restate: your edited work will still be attributed to you.

Now, there are a few downsides to this:
- If at any point you rescind your work from the project, it still belongs to the creative commons license. While we will do everything we can to respect the wishes of authors who rescind their work (if you ask us not to use it, we won't.) But take notice:
-Once you apply the license by submitting work, you cannot remove your work from the license. the license is for all intents and purposes, permanent.

- Due to the terms of this license, we cannot accept any work that exists under another license. this includes works from existing games and series. This also includes modifications of otherwise licensed work. We can't take SF2 edits, no matter how good they are.

- If we find that any submitted work belongs to another IP holder or conflicting license, it will necessarily be removed from the forums as quickly as we can. If such content makes it into the finished project, it will need to be removed and replaced. This is not out of spite. We are simply trying to make sure that everything we are doing is protected and legal.

I think I speak for everyone when I say this: We hope none of this discourages you from submitting work, and that you find these terms agreeable. Keep in mind that this is a free, not-for-profit venture; a labor of love.
We want to see this game become a reality, and we want to make sure that anyone who wishes to help work on the project may do so, and have their work attributed and protected.

More reading to better understand how creative commons licenses work:
http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Frequen ... _Questions

Please contact me if you see any problems with this post. I have done my best to interpret the license and demonstrate some of its less obvious implications, but I am no legal scholar, and am open to the possibility that I could be wrong.

I cannot stress how important this is for the vitality and legal buoyancy of this project.

As a show of good faith, I am declaring that all of the work that I have submitted for Legacies of Veridocia is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

(Add. 8/28/2017)

Further combing of the legal code reveals that content creators/licensors can grant certain usage exceptions on an individual basis - For example, if you or someone you know wanted to use your content for a commercial endeavor, you would be able to specify an exemption for a given licensee. However any such scenarios must be documented in the license agreement. However this does not mean that you can *deny* anyone the use of your work with such exceptions, as this violates the original CC license.
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Re: Legacies of Veridocia

Postby Stordarth » Mon May 26 2014 12:09am

The pre-alpha demo has been released. Check out the Announcement thread for download and details.

Code: Select all
Dice Codes
Attack/Marked Target: /roll d100 + d26
Magic: /roll d26
Level-Ups (No MP): /roll 4d11
Level-Ups (Has MP): /roll 5d11

Code: Select all
Dice Codes
Attack/Marked Target: /roll d100 + d26
Magic: /roll d26
Level-Ups (No MP): /roll 4d11
Level-Ups (Has MP): /roll 5d11

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