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Rindo Circus song.

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Rindo Circus song.

Postby topdognyc » Sun Apr 19 2015 11:26pm

SO I wrote a song inspired by/based on the Rindo circus. I posted it on the SF1 board, but realized maybe that wasn't the right place to post it. But please let me know how/why this song sucks if you don't like it. If you like it, that's cool too. I'm a die hard Shining Force fan, and I just want to know what anyone thinks about it.
that's the song and I hope you like it.

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Re: Rindo Circus song.

Postby Wulfunruh » Sun Mar 19 2017 1:14am

Hahaha, nice man. That music life isn't easy. Don't give up.

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