Shining + related sites of interest

PostPosted: Mon Jun 03 2019 4:44pm
by rid1ey
Some of these may be new or not but thought I'd share them...

This site has maps for all 16-Bit Shining Games (Plus Landstalker)

This link has scans from the Landstalker Encyclopedia ... ive-climax

a good summary of Dark Savior's story line can be found here ... er.110811/

Shining Force Beta images ... taconcept/

LandStalker PSP (Cancelled) ... cancelled/

Cancelled Xbox Game RuneBird ... cancelled/

Shining Force Chronicle 1 game play Video

Back - Up of Shining Soul site ... acter.html

Shining series developer interviews from SEGA VOICE
Dark Savior had 3 Audio Disks, the first being a drama CD is at least half of Vol.1
Yoshitaka Tamaki's official site ...unfortunately the "read girl/Simone" cartoon has been removed but there is new artwork from all his series
rare Lady Stalker artwork ... 3,200_.jpg
Highly detailed Japanese Shining Wind Wiki site (use google translate or whatever) ... 3%EF%BC%A4

detailed character profiles from Shining Wind ... tiazu.html

screen shots of Shining Wisdom with a possibly unseen picture of Satera ... m-JPN.html

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 04 2019 3:24pm
by DiegoMM
wow, thank you for compile the links, very useful!

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 27 2019 6:58pm
by rid1ey
this link might be of interest... ... 08-current

complete list of all Time Stalkers/ Climax Landers VMU games (including Japanese Exclusives )

Time Stalkers: Climax Editor #1: Icon Editor [Application]
Time Stalkers: Dungeon IV [Minigame]
Time Stalkers: Moonlighter [Minigame]
Time Stalkers: Stuff: Chicken / P-S-R / Boing! / Slots [Minigame]
Time Stalkers [jap.]: Nanwaka Lengend [Minigame]
Time Stalkers [jap.]: Rich Life Collection: Climax Editor #1 / Phone Directory / Fortune Teller [Application]
Time Stalkers [jap.]: Yogurt's Big Adventure:[/size] What Yogurt / Yogurt Mansion [Minigame]

Nanwaka Legend/Yogurt's Adventure can be downloaded on the link below... ... s-Apps.htm

A Japanese Blog in regards to the Shining Series

Fan Art of Mega Drive era SEGA ...with Characters from the Shining Series... can you find them all?

Old Tokyo Game Show photo's of the LandStalker remake ... %E3%82%A6/

3D models of Lyle/Nigel from Landstalker

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 04 2019 11:01pm
by thepeaguy
Climax has been dead as the dodo for years, I hear.