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Hiroshi Kajiyama, Shining artist passes away

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Hiroshi Kajiyama, Shining artist passes away

Postby S3M » Tue Jul 17 2018 11:21pm

Sad news, one of the main Illustrator for the Shining series and Golden Sun passed away this week. Not much is known, but the news was reported by his son on twitter: https://twitter.com/KAJIYAMA_

Some of the games he worked on:
http://www.mobygames.com/developer/shee ... rId,76503/

Other sites reporting it:
http://www.otakuusamagazine.com/manga-w ... yama-dies/

I thing all series fans will have a heavy heart as many of us grew up looking at his artwork in the manual and art books of the series. A truly great artist R.I.P.

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Re: Hiroshi Kajiyama, Shining artist passes away

Postby chevkraken » Wed Jul 18 2018 1:22am

Sad thing, Hiroshi Kojiyama was my favorite Shining artist and I was hoping seing him working with Tony Taka in the future as a chara designer for a new Shining force. As Tony Taka, Kojiyama was a famous hentai artist (he was one of the most famous erogame chara designer from the nineties) and was good to make cool male character and sexy female character
As he was drawing his first all age manga since last year and was gaining popularity, I hoped it was possible.

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Re: Hiroshi Kajiyama, Shining artist passes away

Postby thepeaguy » Thu Aug 23 2018 3:48am

I hope his family pulls through this.

I'm not sure if he did any work on other video games, but he definitely had talent.

EDIT: Corrected.

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