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about VOID

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about VOID

Postby sulfuroxp » Fri Apr 14 2017 5:17am

Reading the SF Feather translation, Bail cares about visit a demon village because they are descendants from the "Void" (or "Emptiness") who tried of yore to invade the world 3000 years ago
Julius said that it is not necessarily true, and the same happen with Dark Elves. And some races, like Elves, is said to be descendants of "Shining Force"

Is "VOID" related to another game? Neo? Exa?.... SF1?

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Re: about VOID

Postby chevkraken » Fri Sep 08 2017 2:44pm

nope, Shining force Feather is a a shining produced by Shimosato who reboot Shining serie at each episode.

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