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Shining Resonance


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Shining Resonance

Postby Qwho » Wed Aug 14 2019 5:09am

I am new to this site, is any info on this site about shining resonance?

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Re: Shining Resonance

Postby thepeaguy » Fri Aug 16 2019 1:56pm

Qwho wrote:I am new to this site, is any info on this site about shining resonance?


This site is run by a webmaster who cares more for the old Shining games than the current stuff.

Most of us dislike Sega for how they treated Camelot Software Planning, the creators of the Shining series, in the past by giving them crap budgets for their games, among other things. Even though they received a low development budget, their games are spectacular.

I'm not personally interested in Shining Resonance. I don't like the artwork, and I'm not interested in playing more action rpgs. I like Media.Vision for making the Wild Arms games (I'm a fan), but I'm not interested in their input of the Shining series.

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