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Shining Force Podcast

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Shining Force Podcast

Postby dmcgarr213 » Thu Jun 13 2019 7:53pm

Hello Everyone! I just started a Shining Force Podcast and I would be super happy if you guys would subscribe and give it a listen! Check it out here: https://shiningpod.podbean.com/. If you have any interest in being a guest or co-host that would be awesome! We will be breaking down the games, talking about the characters, and the other aspects of the games! :) :) :)

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Re: Shining Force Podcast

Postby legalize freedom » Mon Jun 24 2019 12:06pm

Oh, you are just the worst! :)

We're just finishing up Ep0 now.

Would you like to join forces? I haven't been able to find producers for SF1 or SF2...
legalize freedom

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