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Camelot wishes to make Shining Force 4

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Re: Camelot wishes to make Shining Force 4

Postby chevkraken » Thu Aug 30 2018 3:29pm

Actually, there is another reason to hate the Fobidden series, the major reason of Shining the Holy Ark failed is because The Forbidden Series 7 was released just the week after in japan. And actually, it's this title who killed the licence in japan and even killed the Saturn by boosting PSX sales.
Without this, the Saturn would have continued more years with Virtua Fighter 3, Sonic Adventure and Shenmue on it proving its 3D capacity, the Dreamcast would have be released 2 years later and more powerful, And Sega could mabe still working in Hardware

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Re: Camelot wishes to make Shining Force 4

Postby Nano » Sun Dec 02 2018 1:23pm

I am very happy to hear someone interested in making a new Shining Force. Kickstarter would be a good tool if they can't be sure about potential market.

Just hope it's a good fun SRPG. Shining Force first got my attention because it was a fast, fun strategy game. Not an angst crap fest where everyone has 20 belt buckles and a personality from space.

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Re: Camelot wishes to make Shining Force 4

Postby Tarethen » Tue Dec 04 2018 4:05am

A SF4 isn't coming... Camelot is too busy making Mario sports titles.

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