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Ninja's Shadow in SINGLEPLAYER

Permanent immobility.

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Ninja's Shadow in SINGLEPLAYER

Postby Chikkuri » Thu Jun 04 2015 3:04am

I just created an account today when I noticed that some monsters permanently stopped moving after I used Kagenui (Shadow) on them. I thought it was a glitch and my game was broken but it happened again!

When I used Shadow on a monster near a wall and knock them back into the wall with my sword they become trapped in the wall. Can anyone confirm? Am I the only one experiencing this? I'm using Shadow Lv 2.

This is exactly what happened:
1. I lured a monster near a wall.
2. I cast Shadow on it.
3. I used my sword to knock it back into the wall.
4. The monster is stuck.

5. I finished it off with my knife.

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