The Forge

PostPosted: Thu Sep 16 2004 8:59pm
by Patrel Rushlock
Perhaps we can get this one stickied or given "Announcement" status? Seems we gather alot of info here and then lose it after awhile if we don't constantly add more info or "bump" it.

Anyway, maybe that kind member with all that info will stop by and post it for us again?

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Fri Sep 17 2004 10:31am
by Meddyan
New and improved forge stuff, now spellchecked for errors and with random corrections of mistakes and duplicate info added (stupid desingers). One step closer to perfection >_>

Here is the forge guide. In here you'll be able to see what sorts of things you can make from the various ores you find in the course of the game from monsters or chests. Ores are abbreviated as follows: Mithril = MIT, Orihalcon = ORI, Dark Matter = DM. Now, before we begin we've got to determine all the factors that go into forging, and they are:

Placement and Combination of the Ores - Example, DM ORI DM will give different results to ORI DM ORI.
The Quality of the Ores - This determines just how good the items will be. Its pretty much a limiting factor to stop you from forging the best stuff in the game right off the bat like you could in SS1. Ore Quality is determined by where it is found, and by the level of the monster that drops it.
How much Money you give the Smith - Although you can still get stuff with $1, you're more likely to get better +XY Def/Atk mods on an item if you pay more. Humorous note: If you use the various money bugs to get a bag with say $999K and try to pay him with it, his hand will fall all the way off the screen! The designers obviously never expected you to pay with anything more than the $100K Max =p

Now, lets get into quality. To be basic, higher selling price of the ore = better quality. Now, items that you can forge fall into 4 levels, Level 0 Items (Which will always fail), Level 1 items, Level 2 and Level 3 items. Level 3 items are the best, and will obviously require better ores to make. Lets have a look at some charts that will tell us the required combined selling value of the 3 Ores to get which levels.


Level 0: 0-999 (This will always fail, you won't be able to make anything of use. Check the end for more info)
Level 1: 1,000-2,999
Level 2: 3,000-4,999
Level 3: 5,000+

Dark Matter

Level 0: 0-1,999
Level 1: 2,000-5,999
Level 2: 6,000-9,999
Level 3: 10,000+


Level 0: 0-2,444
Level 1: 2,500-7,499
Level 2: 7,500-12,499
Level 3: 12,500+

Level 0 - 0-99
Level 1 - 100-299
Level 2 - 300-499
Level 3 - 500+

Level 0 - 0 -198
Level 1 - 200-599
Level 2 - 600-998
Level 3 - 999+

Now for an example. If we wanted to make a level 2 item out of Dark Matters, we would need any 3 Dark Matters whose total price is between 2,000 and 5,999. So, if we had a DM worth 667, a DM worth 200 and a DM worth 4500 we could make a level 2 item if we gave them to the smith.
Got all that so far? Cool, now we can check this nifty chart here to see exactly what items we can make from the different levels. When you give the smith the required ores, then you'll get a random item from the corresponding level.

Mithril Items

Level 1 = Mithril Gloves - Mithril Hood - Gale Bow - Beast Claw - Elemental Sword - Mace Rod - Mithril Armour - Gale Lance - Mithril Robe Lashing Flail - Mithril Helm - Heat Axe - Sharp Knife - Mithril Shield
Level 2 = Zephyr Hood - Impulse Helm - Holy Lance - Royal Gloves - Milky Rod - Tiger Claw - Giant Axe - Holy Flail- Fortress Shield - Tribal Robe Shiva Sword - Butterfly Knife - Sonic Bow - Eternal Armour
Level 3 = Adept Hood - Illusion Gloves - Assassin Knife - Crusade Armour - Alchemy Rod - Dragoon Lance - Helm Of Bravery - Levantine Sword - Crushing Flail -Hero's Shield- Lunar Bow- Dragon Axe - Grace Robe - Berserk Claw

Orihalcon Items

Level 1 = Force Helm - Force Armour - Justice Gloves - Force Shield - Solar Robe - Lucky Hood - Doppler Bow -Eternal Wand - Fairy Knife - Mercurius Spear - Alabaster Flail - Buster Halberd - Justice Claws
Level 2 = Soul Axe - Soul Gloves - Reflex Shield - Soul Cap - Soul Bow - Order Armour - Soul Lance - Soul Claw - Soul Blade - Soul Rod - Soul Robe - Soul Flail - Soul Axe - Holy Light Helm- Soul Knife
Level 3 = Saint Gloves - Glorious Helm - Sagittarius Bow - Saint Hood - Saint Robe - Hozon Lance - Ark Flail - Glorious Armour - Apollo Axe - Ripper Knife -Lord's Sword - Divine Shield - Gehenna Claw - Will Rod

Dark Matter Items

Level 1 = Ruinous Lance - Unholy Flail - Diabolic Bow- Black Armour- Killer Gloves - Executioner Axe - Black Shield- Will Knife - Deadly Claw - Unholy Flail - Black Helm - Grave Digger Rod - Mortal Robe - Unlucky Hood - Murasame Sword
Level 2 = Demon Claw - Nether Rod- Crypt Gloves - Greed Robe - Eclipse Hood - Blood Knife - Dark Lord Spear - Blood Bow - Dread Helm - Death Flail - Bane Shield - Cursed Axe - Muramasa - Malice Armour
Level 3 = Demon Gloves - Evil Flail - Evil Armour - Devil Lance - Demon Knife - Demon Rod - Darkside Sword - Evil Helm - Banishing Shield - Cantarela Bow -Demon Robe - Demon Hood

Bone Items

Level 1 = Skeletal Armour - Skeletal Helm - Skeletal Gloves - Skeletal Shield
Level 2 = Ivory Armour - Ivory Helm - Ivory Gloves - Ivory Shield
Level 3 = Fiend Armour - Fiend Helm - Fiend Gloves - Fiend Shield

Scale Items

Level 1 = Lizard Armour - Lizard Helm - Lizard Gloves - Lizard Shield
Level 2 = Crocodile Armour - Crocodile Helm - Crocodile Gloves - Crocodile Shield
Level 3 = Dragon Armour - Dragon Helm - Dragon Gloves - Dragon Shield

Got the idea? So if we took out 3 DM's we had before that could make a level 2 item, we could get a Blood Knife if we wanted to. Or a Demon Claw, or something else, its your choice, you'll just have to keep re-loading to get what you want :p

Just a quick note, everything forged from 3 Dark Matters will be cursed. So you'll want either a Chaos Ring or the Apostate/Ritual/Burial sets to null the curses on these items so you don't lose Hp whenever you attack. Also, curses stack so the more cursed items you have equipped = the more pain. With fully decked out cursed gear you'll kill yourself in a few attacks. Nasty.

Handy Tip: If you use any 3 ores found in or between Wizari's Palace and Hottazhek Volcano on Normal, they would be the right values to make Level 1 Items. If you use ores from in or between Chaos Castle in Normal to Robert's Pirate Ship in advanced, you can make Level 2 Items. If you use ores from Driazhek Desert in Advanced, you can make Level 3 Items. This is useful so you can know just exactly when is the earliest you can make your precious Blood Knife or Unlucky Hood or whatever. Its entirely possible to take some crappy ores and mix them with some good ones as well to get what you need, but this just details when the values start getting high enough to be able to create certain levels of items.

Now, that's just if we forge 3 items that are the same type. What if we want to mix and match? Then it gets a tad more complicated...

First we have to find the ores 'Grade'. The total grade of the 3 items is used to see what level item the ores will make. We didn't have to do it for 3 of the same, since it was easier to just use the combined prices, but for mixes you have to do this. If you were to divide the combined prices listed above by the value by the type of ore in this chart, they'd match the grade reqs a bit more below. But as was stated, it was just easier to use combined selling prices for 3 of the same.

Now, take the selling price of an Ore, and check how to divide it.

Ore How to find grade
Mithril Divide Sell Price by 10
Orihalcon Divide Sell Price by 25
Dark Matter Divide Sell Price by 20
Bone Same as Sell Price
Scale Divide Sell Price by 2

(Sorry for the chart being mangled, but it seems these forums don't like Tabs nor multiple spaces in posts =/ )

So say, a MIT with a selling price of 2000 would have a grade of 200 and an ORI with a selling price of 1000 would have a grade of 40. Note: For this next part we ignore Bones and Scales; they follow their own rules when mixed. Now, we take the grades of the 3 ores and total them and look at this chart to see what level items they'll make

Level 0 - Grade of 0-99
Level 1 - Grade of 100-299
Level 2 - Grade of 300-499
Level 3 - Grade of 500+

So if we had these 3 Ores with the following selling prices: DM = 5000, Ori = 700, Mit = 1900. The grades would be 250, 28 and 190 Respectively. Total them all, and we get 465, which means with these three ores we can make a level 2 item! Score, now to see what we can get!

First off, the order of the three Ores will also determine the items you get. Like the earlier example, a DM ORI DM combo will give different results to ORI DM ORI combo. We'll list the different combinations, what type of items you'll get from that combo and then the different levels of items within that combo. Also, when the lists say for example Chaos Weapons, it means you can make Chaos Axe, Chaos Claw, Chaos Bow, Chaos Spear, Chaos Sword, Chaos Rod, Chaos Flail, Chaos Knife... etc etc, just sub in the weapon type and you can make it. Books/Scrolls are excluded however (Too many base types i'd assume, you have 7 different Books per Spell, and there many different Spells. It'd be too big of a mess and waste of space to include in the game, so they weren't thankfully)

MIT + DM + ORI In any order = Chaos Weapons + Null Curse sets

Level 1 = Chaos Weapon - Burial Armour - Burial Gloves - Burial Helm - Burial Robe - Burial Shield - Burial Hood
Level 2 = Chaos Weapon II- Ritual Armour - Ritual Gloves - Ritual Helm - Ritual Robe - Ritual Shield - Ritual Hood
Level 3 = Chaos Weapon III - Apostate Armour - Apostate Gloves - Apostate Helm - Apostate Robe - Apostate Shield - Apostate Hood

ORI + DM + ORI = Fire Weapons

Level 1 = Fire Weapon I
Level 2 = Fire Weapon II
Level 3 = Fire Weapon III

ORI + ORI + DM = Fire Body Armour + Shields

Level 1 = Flame Armour - Flame Robe - Flame Shield
Level 2 = Burning Armour - Burning Robe - Burning Shield
Level 3 = Pheonix Armour - Pheonix Robe - Pheonix Shield

DM + ORI + ORI = Fire Hand gear + Headgear

Level 1 = Flame Helm - Flame Hood - Flame Gloves
Level 2 = Burning Helm - Burning Hood - Burning Gloves
Level 3 = Pheonix Helm - Pheonix Hood - Pheonix Gloves

ORI + MIT + ORI = Ice Weapons

Level 1 = Ice Weapon I
Level 2 = Ice Weapon II
Level 3 = Ice Weapon III

ORI + ORI + MIT = Ice Body Armour + Shields

Level 1 = Ice Armour - Ice Robe - Ice Shield
Level 2 = Frost Armour - Frost Robe - Frost Shield
Level 3 = Blizzard Armour - Blizzard Robe - Blizzard Shield

MIT + ORI + ORI = Ice Hand gear + Headgear

Level 1 = Ice Helm - Ice Hood - Ice Gloves
Level 2 = Frost Helm - Frost Hood - Frost Gloves
Level 3 = Blizzard Helm - Blizzard Hood - Blizzard Gloves

MIT + ORI + MIT = Bolt Weapons

Level 1 = Bolt Weapon I
Level 2 = Bolt Weapon II
Level 3 = Bolt Weapon III

MIT + MIT + ORI = Thunder Body Armour + Shields

Level 1 = Thunder Armour - Thunder Robe - Thunder Shield
Level 2 = Plasma Armour - Plasma Robe - Plasma Shield
Level 3 = Spark Armour - Spark Robe - Spark Shield

ORI + ORI + MIT = Thunder Hand gear + Headgear

Level 1 = Thunder Helm - Thunder Hood - Thunder Gloves
Level 2 = Plasma Helm - Plasma Hood - Plasma Gloves
Level 3 = Spark Helm - Spark Hood - Spark Gloves

ORI + DM + ORI = Shining Weapons

Level 1 = Shining Weapon I
Level 2 = Shining Weapon II
Level 3 = Shining Weapon III

ORI + ORI + DM = Light Body Armour + Shields

Level 1 = Celestial Armour - Celestial Robe - Celestial Shield
Level 2 = Lunar Armour - Lunar Robe - Lunar Shield
Level 3 = Solar Armour - Solar Robe - Solar Shield

DM + ORI + ORI = Light Hand gear + Headgear

Level 1 = Celestial Helm - Celestial Hood - Celestial Gloves
Level 2 = Lunar Helm - Lunar Hood - Lunar Gloves
Level 3 = Solar Helm - Solar Hood - Solar Gloves

DM + ORI + DM = Darkness Weapons

Level 1 = Darkness Weapon I
Level 2 = Darkness Weapon II
Level 3 = Darkness Weapon III

DM + DM+ ORI = Dark Body Armour + Shields

Level 1 = Shadow Armour - Shadow Robe - Shadow Shield
Level 2 = WeiB Armour - WeiB Robe - WeiB Shield
Level 3 = Hatred Armour - Hatred Robe - Hatred Shield

ORI + DM + DM = Dark Hand gear + Headgear

Level 1 = Shadow Helm - Shadow Hood - Shadow Gloves
Level 2 = WeiB Helm - WeiB Hood - WeiB Gloves
Level 3 = Hatred Helm - Hatred Hood - Hatred Gloves

DM + MIT + DM = Poison Weapons

Level 1 = Venom Weapon I
Level 2 = Venom Weapon II
Level 3 = Venom Weapon III

DM + DM+ MIT = Poison Body Armour + Shields

Level 1 = Poison Armour - Poison Robe - Poison Shield
Level 2 = Nox Armour - Nox Robe - Nox Shield
Level 3 = Deadly Armour - Deadly Robe - Deadly Shield

MIT + DM + DM = Poison Hand gear + Headgear

Level 1 = Poison Helm - Poison Hood - Poison Gloves
Level 2 = Nox Helm - Nox Hood - Nox Gloves
Level 3 = Deadly Helm - Deadly Hood - Deadly Gloves

Finally, we have Scales and Bones. Now, these follow their own special rules. That is, if you mix a Bone/Scale with any 2 other Ores, you'll get what's listed. You'll also get this if you mix 3 Bones/Scales with a total grade of 0.

Bone + any 2 other ores, in any order = Bone Armour

Bone Armour - Bone Helm - Bone Gloves - Bone Shield

Scale + any 2 other ores, in any order = Scale Armour

Scale Armour - Scale Helm - Scale Gloves - Scale Shield

That's it. Those are all the possible combinations of Ores and what they give you. Now, there is one more element to forging, and that is the failures. There is a random chance, which seems to decrease the higher value your ores are, that a forge will fail. When a forge fails, instead of picking a random weapon from the list, it will give you a random item currently sold in the Weapon/Armour shops and give it a Suffix and +XX Def/Atk Mod. Also, if you were to forge 3 ores whose total combined value makes a Level 0 item, then the forge will always fail. Now, this can be handy as it allows you to get a random item with a random suffix, so if you wanted to you could keep re-loading until you find that armour with that mod you wanted. Just one more thing, shops will never sell Lvl 7 Weapons, or the best regular armour, so you won't be able to get the best things this way. That means you can't make an Lvl 7 Spell book of Faith. Bah.

Note that there are some 'duplicate' items listed that you may have noticed. There are 2 Solar Robes. This is merely a naming error, and the two robes are different. One of the Solar Robes is made by ORI + ORI + DM (Level 3 Rank) and gives
53 Def and +25 Light Res and is part of the Solar set. The other Solar Robe is made by 3x ORI (Level 1 Rank) and gives 22 Def and +40 Light res and isn't part of the Solar Set. Stupid designers didn't see that they already had a Solar Robe item. Also, there is another close naming error. The Darkness rod that is part of the Darkness set for the Dark Wizard and has an Atk of 32 and +10 Dark Res can not be forged. The Rod that is forged is the Darkness Rod I, which gives 30 Atk and +3 Int, and is not part of the Darkness Set. They look similar, but the forged rod will have a I, II or III by it depending on the rank (or 1,2 and 3, i can't remember). Again, another common naming mistake

There, that should adequately explain the Forging Process. If you want, you can use the system in reverse. Find an item you want, then find out what Ores you need and what value that have to be, and then from then hunt for the ones you need to make the item! Nifty.

One more thing to go, you're probably wondering where to get the absolute best stuff in the game right? Well, heres how to do it. In normal when you reach Chaos Castle, DO NOT break the egg. Yes, although it will give you a MIT, ORI and DM the rewards later are better. Now, when you come back in advanced, the egg will have hatched and you're greeted by the Chimera. This thing is a two-part monster, each part giving 6,000 EXP upon death, as well as being able to drop the best ores in the game. It's not too hard to beat.

This is not my work. None of it. This is merely a compilation of all the info that was floating around the GameFAQS message boards a while back, sorted into a coherent and understandable order, as well as making the charts neater. I did not find any of this info myself, and to no be a plagiarising bastard, credits are in order!

Skyknight - He did some of the charts, which I re-made. Cheers!
mastersord - He found the values of the ores that you could find in each level. I lost the chart sadly, but still, Cheers!
san200es - He generally helped me sorting and doing other stuff at the boards. Cheers!
And all the others whose names I don't know who did the original charts and all the original experiments. This wouldn't be here without them, so to them, Cheers!

By Meddyan / iforgotnmyname / Turbo Cat (Stupid aliases >_>)

Phew, thats that. Hope it stays this time...

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Sun Sep 19 2004 1:52pm
by wildrosebc
Yeah I remember consulting the list frequently myself when I was playing this game. I pinned the topic, so it should stay here.

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Mon Sep 20 2004 2:54am
by Cyrus
Failure rate? So, that's why that recipe didn't work. Dangit. I really wanted that apostle robe. Back to mineral hunting, then...

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Mon Sep 20 2004 8:46am
by Rick
How the FRICK do you create Spell Books?

I know it can be done, I once created a Dark Demon's Breath Level 6 of Legend.

but it wasn't as high a level spell (need a level 7) so I sold it

so what combinations are needed for spell books?

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Mon Sep 20 2004 2:49pm
by Musourenka
Rick @ Mon Sep 20, 2004 8:46 am) wrote: How the FRICK do you create Spell Books?

I know it can be done, I once created a Dark Demon's Breath Level 6 of Legend.

but it wasn't as high a level spell (need a level 7) so I sold it

so what combinations are needed for spell books?

I'm pretty sure those spellbooks are failed forges. As such, you're not going to get any Level 7 book, so don't get your hopes up.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 20 2004 10:17pm
by Rick
I'm certain a Dark Demon's Breath level 6 of legend wouldnt be counted as a failed forge 0_o

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 23 2004 5:12am
by Meddyan
Rick, yes it is considered a failed. Re-read the last part again. Any time a forge is failed, a new random item from the current shops is spawned with random mods. So your forge failed, and got you that book of legend instead of whatever the hell esle you were trying to get. But as i said, since shops never sell lvl 7 books, trying to forge one is quite futile, so you're gonna have to stick to monster hutning for good books :-/

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 12 2004 10:39pm
by Bajikall
Does anyone have any tips on finding Dark Matter? The guide says to try playing chaos castle, but I've played it 5+ times, and I still can't find any.

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Fri Oct 15 2004 4:33am
by Meddyan
Well, you can get Dark Matter from anywhere. Any Chest in the game will drop it, so just keep smashing chests. The quality is only dependant on the location.

It may take a while before you get what you want though, so be persistant and you'll be rewarded.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 15 2004 8:47am
by Rick
was curious

each xxxxxxxx weapon has different properties as well as being elemental usually isnt it?

what are they all?

the ones I know are:

Fire Weapons - Critical +8
Darkness Weapons - Int +4 arent they?
Chaos Weapons - 150% extra damage to flying and undead
Ice Weapons - added VIT arent they?

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17 2004 4:49am
by Meddyan
Rick, you are right. Each forged elemental has a property, and the higher the Mark of the weapon, the higher it is.

Fire - +Critical Hit
Ice - +VIT
Bolt - +DEX
Poison - +Attack Speed
Darkness - +INT
Light +DEF
Chaos - +150% Dam to Flying & Undead

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 17 2004 6:41pm
by Bajikall
Meddyan @ Fri Oct 15, 2004 4:33 am) wrote: Well, you can get Dark Matter from anywhere. Any Chest in the game will drop it, so just keep smashing chests. The quality is only dependant on the location.

It may take a while before you get what you want though, so be persistant and you'll be rewarded.

Okay... So you're saying that Chaos Castle will have higher quality dark matter? I get that, but if you play the Castle in advanced mode will the ores be even higher quality, or does it not matter which mode? :confused:

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 17 2004 8:38pm
by Eric
can you refight the egg monster?

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Mon Oct 18 2004 3:49am
by Meddyan
Yes to both Questions. Any ore from Advanced will beat the best ore sin normal, Goblin Fort Advcance Ores beat Chaos Castle Normal.

And you can fight the Egg Monster to your hearts content, and it is also the only monster capable of dropping ores in the game, so you have a semi-reliable source of quality ores in the end-game.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 18 2004 8:39pm
by Bajikall
Meddyan @ Mon Oct 18, 2004 3:49 am) wrote: And you can fight the Egg Monster to your hearts content, and it is also the only monster capable of dropping ores in the game, so you have a semi-reliable source of quality ores in the end-game.

How? I smashed the egg in normal mode, and now nothing's there whenever I come back. Should I not have smashed it, or something?

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Wed Oct 20 2004 8:41am
by Meddyan
Oh yeah, there is the little thing of smashing the egg that stops iit spawning in advanced. Sorry, you'll have to see it with another char :-/

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 30 2004 2:35pm
by Bajikall
Do you know if it's possible to forge things "of faith", etc., because that would really come in handy. I always give the guy the max amount of gold that will fit in by bag, but I always get something like +3.

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Sat Oct 30 2004 2:38pm
by Cullsoft
Bajikall @ Sat Oct 30, 2004 2:35 pm) wrote: Do you know if it's possible to forge things "of faith", etc., because that would really come in handy. I always give the guy the max amount of gold that will fit in by bag, but I always get something like +3.

I'm farely sure I've managed to forge at least one weapon "of faith" before... though bare in mind I've made A LOT of forging attempts, so the chances are incredibly slim if it is possible.

As for the money issue... bare in mind that it just ups the chances of reaching higher items. I've had quite a few items with hefty bonuses appear from only a few thousand G, and stuff with merely +1 or +2 from a few dozen thousand G.

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Sun Oct 31 2004 7:51am
by Meddyan
Bajikal - If you go around Goblin Fort in normal and collect ores and forge with them, every forge will fail. But thats a good thing, as you get a ranodm item from the shop with a random mod that may or may not be "Of Faith".

And the money factor is rather unexplained. More $ seems to equal a higher % of getting a higher value, but you could still theoratically get a +20 from 1g, just less likely than from 100,000g. In fact, there is a way to get more than 100K in one bag, check below somewhere.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 12 2005 7:45pm
by Green Knight
I've done that money thing and had 1,000,000 gold in one bag. It seems to yield better attributes, too. I've seen more "of soul", "of heroes", and the like during my attempts. I ended up with a battle sword of dawn (combine that with an ancient ring for SP efficiency). I haven't seen anything past +8 for the grind value though. Maybe I need more cash.

It's funny when you drop that much gold into the blacksmith's hand. It drops past the bottom of the screen and out of view.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 02 2005 3:59am
by Meddyan
Just a quick note that i've gone an re-done the guide here. Basically, its more nicer looking, has info on bones/scales, better examples, less useless banter and explained a bit easier. Have fun.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 19 2005 9:41pm
by Ayuname
Green Knight @ Wed Jan 12, 2005 7:45 pm) wrote: I've done that money thing and had 1,000,000 gold in one bag.

hey u got it wrong its 100k in a bag srry for this just i hate mistakes not a perfectionist though.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 25 2005 6:42am
by @ss@ssin
anyone found a magic number of gold to provide a solid increase in the modifier like always at least a +5 modifier

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Mon Apr 25 2005 4:50pm
by Bajikall
No, but you can use the money glitch to get over a couple million gold in one bag. That will considerably increase the chances of high bonuses. However, I sometimes still get "+1" boosts.

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Wed Apr 27 2005 6:37am
by Meddyan
The thing is, we really don't know what the fork gold does. We can only speculate.

It's guessed to affect variables such as Mods and the +XX Bonuses, but even the ore grade might effect them as well. Maybe if we could find what it actualy does, then we can move onto how exactly it effects whatever it does. Untill then, your best choice is to just use as much money as you can when forging and hope for the best.

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28 2005 6:13am
by @ss@ssin
I think my question was misunderstood... has anyone discovered a rollover point (point at which money alotted = 0 again, ex. reset every 650,000 meaning giving 650,001 would actually have the same benefits as offering 1 gold) kind of like the negative value trick with the unlucky hood. hoverever I would like to say in offering 1 gold I created an scale gloves+5 with each scales value equaling 6. this leads me to believe this whole process is random or varibles exist that are not being calculated in the equation. I'll probably sit down and shark the process then post any findings here.

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Fri Apr 29 2005 3:04am
by Meddyan
Ah right... well in that case, go ahead and try. If i were to guess, it'd be the same as the rollover for Item Find taht makes the Unlucky hood go to some massive number. Or not. Either way it'd still help to know what it does first so you can accuratly tell that a certain point is the rollover point because X thing didn't happen...

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Fri Apr 29 2005 8:08am
by @ss@ssin
I found an approximation for the rollover point... I'll start a new topic... data is still a bit inconclusive... the missing varible I believe is caracter level... (this is why it seems so random)

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PostPosted: Sat May 14 2005 12:49am
by TheGreatDynamite
Get many bags of 100k. Put all but one in the bank, as well as your equip. Now go die. You will drop half your cash that you're carrying, which will be 50k. Now go and fetch another 50k to add to your 50k you currently have to make a 100k bag and then go find your dropped 50k. Instead of making a new bag of 50k along with the 100k, you instead get a 150k bag. Now die again to make a 75k pile on the ground, and go fetch some more cash to make another 100k bag in your inventory, and then grab your 75k to make a 175k bag! Once you get an insane amount of compressed money, you can forge with it, greatly increasing your chances of getting a good number past +15

I have tryed this exact technique,I put all my stuff in bank then withdraw 100k and die. It drops 50k but the other 50k isnt in my inv,why is this?

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Sat May 14 2005 6:15am
by Meddyan
Uh... yeah... i got the process horribly wrong there. I'll find the actual way to do it and edit it in.. sorry for that >_>

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Wed May 25 2005 2:08pm
by @ss@ssin
To make a larger bag then 100K simply die with more than 200k in your items
If you had 300K and you'd die it produces a 150k bag so if you have 500k the bag you drop when you die will be worth 250k so fortth and so on...

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Thu Mar 02 2006 2:17am
by ├śmega
or.... better yet, just duplicate the money, using that money cheat, which i find dishonorable, but thats not the point. dup it so that you have..... a full inventory of 100k bags

thus, when u die, you will get (25 * 100k)/2 g in one bag, which adds up to be 1.250 mil

then pick that 1.250 mil up and fill the rest of the 24 slots of inventory space with 100k g and repeat, next time u will end up with a bag of 2.450 mil, and repeat as necessary.

On a side note however, if I may presume, it is to my observation that using a money total of 99999g will result with a decently high chance of an item with +10 or more grind bonus
As of right now, forging randomly, I have obtained Saint Gloves +11, Apostate Helm +12, Blood Bow +10, Soul Lance +10, Soul Axe +10, Eclipsce Hood +11, Apostate Hood +11, and Soul Robe +10 all with using 99999g, no more, no less.
These results were obtained by at most the 15th try at forging. (save/forge)

Though the first few attempts resulted with a +1 to +5 item, I wish to assume that giving 99999g to forging will produce a higher frequency of items with a decent bonus grind; however, I will pursue further tests on this forging to ensure my assumption.

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19 2006 1:00am
by Dark Angel
I haven't seen anything past +8 for the grind value though. Maybe I need more cash.

I have a brawler file and forged a poison Mail Vreaker of Awe+11, that was a while back and I fogot what I used to make that but I do remember how much gold I used, and I only used around 2000g... and when I got that, it was and still is my strongest weapons....
I was really happy when I got that :)

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Wed Jul 19 2006 2:41am
by YummyOreos
Lol, I had three dark matters, all equaling up to somewhere around 6000 - 7000.
And I put up 3mil, guess what came out...

Malice armor... +1. :damnit:

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Tue Jul 15 2008 8:10pm
by ptracey
Meddyan @ Sun Oct 17, 2004 9:49 pm) wrote: and it is also the only monster capable of dropping ores in the game

That's wrong. I believe you even stated in your "FAQ" that the Level of the Ore depends on what Level the monster was that dropped it.

Any Monster can drop any Ore in the game with the exception of Scales and Bones, which can only be dropped by Pastes/Lizards/Dragons, and Skeleton/Reapers respectively.

Just saying this becuase it hasn't been fixed in over a year.

And also, on a side note:

After about 200 Forges using three Orihalcon (all worth 3325G [Level 2]), I've come to the conclusion that how much Gold you offer the Forging man, only affects the possible +XX. But on the contrary, it can also affect how bad the item turns out.

After my 200 Forges, the only "good" items I've recieved are a Soul Blade +10, a Soul Claw +14, and a Soul Claw +19. Other than that, everything else has been under +3. So that means I haven't got a single item ranging from +4 to +9.

I've only recieved two items that weren't "supposed" to be made, which were a Split Armor of Light +2, and Splint Gloves of Pain +1.

I'm wondering if this theory may be true, but I can't be certain. Any Feedback would be much appreciated. And yes, I have read the Forging Post here on SFC.

* All these Forges were made in NORMAL Mode.

** The character I was using is a Level 101 Brawler.

*** All forges were made offering 999,999G. (Made using the money glitch of dying with 20 bags of 100,000G, then I just dropped 1G on the ground so it didn't go into the millions mark.)

Re: The Forge

PostPosted: Wed Feb 15 2017 9:19pm
by rid1ey
very helpful information