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Shining Soul II TAS in 1:12:02.43

Discuss the second installment of the Shining (Soul) series for GBA!

Shining Soul II TAS in 1:12:02.43

Postby DarkKobold » Sat Sep 25 2010 4:01pm

I've done a new run of Shining Soul II which uses the item duping glitch. The run is almost 18 minutes faster than my previous run!

Shining Soul II is the last 'Shining' title to reach American shores, and the author's 5th 'Shining' TAS on the site. Unlike some previous games in the series, this game and its prequel play more like traditional Action-RPGs. This game, like its prequel, allows the player to pick a character type. In this run, the character chosen was a ninja, for his ability to use speed magic.

The author uses a glitch to dupe power wines and bombs, the former massively increasing his attack strength, and the latter making the run look more like Bomberman than a 'Shining' game!

This run is 17:58.75 faster than his previous Shining Soul II publication due to some very impressive manipulation to slaughter bosses in mere seconds. It is recommended that you read the authors comments for more info about the run and the game.

Here is the link to the publication:

And here it is on streaming sites:

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xew1k1 ... 12-02-43-b

http://www.archive.org/download/GbaShin ... kobold.mp4

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