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Shining Soul Book

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Shining Soul Book

Postby sulfuroxp » Tue Aug 27 2019 12:54am

I found the first pages of the book of Shining Soul.


I will update the gallery in the future.
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Re: Shining Soul Book

Postby TheUnknownMarine » Wed Sep 04 2019 6:22pm

Is this an artbook or something?

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Re: Shining Soul Book

Postby rid1ey » Mon Sep 09 2019 2:11pm

TheUnknownMarine wrote:Is this an artbook or something?

If it's the same book I have then no ...it's a strategy guide book but contains lots of cool art too.
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Switch Friend code: SW-6146-8724-6311
3DS Friend Code: 1736-1423-5795
Xbox 360 Gamertag: rid1ey

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Re: Shining Soul Book

Postby sulfuroxp » Wed Sep 11 2019 6:45pm

More pages added.

Page 4

Follow the flow of the "Shining" series Understand the world view of this work.

【エルフの娘」[ Elven daughter ]
A girl who appeared as a facilitator in “Shining Force 1”, which later describes history. This time, we will bring players to the world of “Shining Soul”. The player reads the story as she is guilty (actually playing this game).

【ルーン大陸」[ Rune Continent ]
The continent where this story is set. It resembles the South American power continent, and the northern part of the continent is connected to the Dragonia continent where the Dragons live, but it does not appear as the stage of this work. The Runefaust country that we hear in other “Shining” series has not yet been founded at this time.

Page 5

【ダークソル」[ Darksol ]
One of the five generals of Dark Dragon, the "ringleader of darkness" that is deeply involved in the birth of Dark Dragon. This time, from a standpoint, enjoying watching the Dark Dragon runaway.

「始まりの地プロンティス」[ Starting place Prontis ]
In a country inhabited by ancient people, it plays the role of a front line base in the battle with the Dark Dragon. The cultural level has been developed by knowledge transmitted from ancient people.

【ソウルクリスタル」[ Soul Crystal ]
A forbidden technology created by the ancients that encapsulates the soul in the crystal. Although it faded with the times, the refined crystal still remains as an ornament. It is said that if you wear this, magical power will dwell and your physical ability will change.

『魔法」( Magic )
The magic after "Shining Force 1", which describes the history of later, is an ability provided by training to acquire the power of the natural world, but the light army that appears in this work contains magic in the book with soul technology. However, use requires magical aptitude and mental power called soul power (SP).

Page 6

In the “Shining” series, different races live together.

「戦士」[ Warrior ]
A human warrior who specializes in close combat.

「魔去使い」[ Magician ]
A human witch that can use magic.

「アーチャー」[ Archer ]
An elf man who is good at attacking from a distance.

「ドラゴン戦士」[ Dragon Warrior ]
A battle dragon that shoots a powerful blow with great power.

「軍師ノア」[ Soldier Noah ]
Master Centaur. Survivor of ancient people. Age is said to be over 1000 years old. A person who gathered light warriors and formed a "light fleet" so as not to repeat the tragedy of ancient civilizations again. He has a lot of trust from his friends and has high knowledge but no fighting power.

「オトラント」[ Otranto ]
A mysterious existence that continues to watch over the battle of the army of light. The forehead has a third eye, and its power is rumored to be the same or better than Darksol. However, he does not fight against the “dark army” himself, but leads the warriors of light to the holy war.

「アダム&ケイオス」[ Adam & Chaos ]
Machine soldiers made by an ancient man. In "Shining Force 1" depicting the later history, it was programmed to assist the protagonist, but in this work it appears as an assistant to Noah.

「武器屋」[ Weapon Shop ]
A Wolf Baron tribe man with muscles pulled.

「鑑定屋」[ Appraiser ]
A knowledgeable and noble elf woman.

「鍛冶屋」[ Blacksmith ]
An old birdman who used to be a brave warrior.

「防具屋」[ Armor Shop ]
Dwarf oldman with a bearded face that reaches the stomach.

「道具屋」[ Tool Shop ]
She is an energetic child from the Cantaur tribe.

「預かり所」[ Storage ]
A Hobbit tribe man who has a low attitude toward customers and a strong sales force.

「カゲマル」[ Kagemaru ]
A human ninja who has traveled from the eastern continent.

「ヨーグルト」[ Yogurt ]
A mysterious creature familiar in the "Shining" series.

Page 8

{Top Left} Once you have created a player character, you can start a dungeon exploration from the town of Prontis. The story progresses when you defeat the boss at the end of each dungeon, you can challenge a new area.

Start game  City  World map  Explore Dungeon  Battle the Boss  City

{Top Right} Normal Mode Clear  Advance Mode Appears!
When the game is ended, the normal mode change, the advance mode can be selected from the next play. Difficulty rises, but high-quality items are also likely to appear. [Image: At the start of the game, you can choose between normal and advanced mode.]

{Middle} You can also enjoy multiplayer play in multiplayer mode.
If you use a Game Boy Advance with the communication cable (sold separately), you can play the game simultaneously with up to four players. See pages 22 to 23 of this manual for detailed explanations such as how to connect and how to play. [Image: You can adventure together in the same area and deliver items.]

{Bottom} There are two basic search methods: the field screen and the camping screen. Remember how the operation is a little different.

Screen Name  Field Screen || Camping Screen
Pad Buttons  Move player character || Move cursor / Status & Skills points separation
A button  Decide / Speak / Pick Up / Attack / Time Attack (Press and hold) || Decide / Buy Items
B button  Cancel / Use Item || Cancel
Start Button  Call camp screen || Unused
Select Button  Use the Soul Magic of the equipped Soul Crystal || Display Item description
L Button  Arm spout call / Select weapon || Select weapon
R Button  Item spout call / Select Item || Select Item

Page 9

{Top} The game screen can be broadly divided into two types: a field screen that displays actions in the dungeon and the city, and a camping screen that checks player character information and changes settings. Let's learn the role of the four menus that can be done on the camp screen and how to view the screen. [Image 1: A screen where the game progresses as the player character is fighting.] [Image 2: A screen that can be called by pressing the START button on the field screen.]

Item || Item Screen
A screen where you can equip, use, and register items. Move your finger icon over the item and grab it with the A button to place it in an ITEM slot or ARM slot.

Status || Status Screen
A screen where you can check various parameters of the player character. Also, when leveling up, status points and skill points are allocated on this screen.

Option || Options Screen
A screen that allows you to change the preferences in the game to your preference. “Music” allows you to turn on / off the music in the game, “Button” allows you to change the button settings from type-A and type-B, and “Window” allows you to change the window color. [Image: There are three setting items. Let's change to an easy-to-play environment.]

Finish || Exit Screen
Save adventure record. When “End” is selected, the screen shown appears, and when “YES” is selected, data saving starts and ends. After saving, you will automatically return to the title screen. [Image: If you select "End" in the dungeon, you can resume the next time.]

{Bottom} This field screen can be said to be the main screen of the game. When searching for dungeons, always pay attention to the HP gauge at the top left of the screen and register recovery items in the ITEM slot.

Limit of items that can be placed in the field: A maximum of 15 items can be placed in the field (city or dungeon). Beyond that, the oldest will disappear. Be careful when exchanging items in multiplayer mode, as there are a maximum of 15 items placed by the player character and items dropped by the enemy.

1. HP (current HP / maximum HP) … Represents physical strength. When HP reaches 0, the player character falls down.
2. HP Points … Indicates the remaining amount of HP. If you take damage, the bar will decrease.
3. SP Points … A bar that stands for SP (soul power). Appears only for wizards and decreases each time you use magic. Also, SP will automatically recover.
4. Soul Max … Indicates that Soul Crystal magic can be used. When you press the SELECT button, a resident of another world is called and you can damage surrounding enemies.
5. ARM Slot … Displayed when the L button is pressed on the field screen, the cursor moves when the L button is pressed again, and the change is completed when it is adjusted to another registered weapon. Up to 3 weapons can be stored in the ARM slot, and the display will disappear immediately if the L button is not used.
6. ITEM Slot … It is displayed when the R button is pressed on the field screen, and when the R button is pressed again, the cursor is grasped, and the change is completed when it is matched with other registered items. It is possible to register up to 3 kinds of items, and the number of possessions can be confirmed by the number displayed next to the items. Press B on the field screen to use that item. If the R button is not used, the display disappears immediately.
7. Item … Items falling in the field.
8. Player Character … The player character you are operating. During multiplayer, other player characters are also displayed.
9. Enemy … Enemies that rush to the player character.
10. Treasure Chest … Contains items. Get it by stepping on the top and pressing the A button.
11. Message window … The name of the item is displayed.

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