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Tech Inept SF3 first playthru

Help continuing Scen 1 save in Scen 2

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Tech Inept SF3 first playthru

Postby Remuko » Sun Jun 02 2019 12:24am

So I finally got a emulator working and am playing thru SF3 for the first time (thanks to the lovely people here for the translation patch!) but I can't seem to get Scen 2 to recognize my completed Scen 1 save and I'm really really tech illiterate (it took me over a month just to figure out how to get the emu and iso's working despite fairly good instructions), so even with all the stuff I've looked up, I can't for the life of me figure out how to make this work.

For reference I am using RetroArch and the "beetlesaturn" core. One of the few things I did try myself before coming here was making a copy of my Scen 1 save via the in game save of Scen 1. I have a system and backup cart save of the completed Scen 1 file.

Apologies in advance as I might have trouble understanding how to fix this even if you explain it :(

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Re: Tech Inept SF3 first playthru

Postby Chinagonuk » Sun Jun 02 2019 1:10am

That emulator creates new save files for internal/backup unique to each game. So what you need to do is boot Sc2 so the emulator creates the save files (think they are .bcr and .bkr files for external/internal respectively). Then rename your Sc1 save files to match the Sc2 ones and replace. Be sure to make backups first of course.

Once that’s done, on Sc2 be sure to choose ‘Begin’ not ‘Continue’ and the game should prompt you to continue from your Sc1 complete save file.

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