Shining Force 3 Emulation Sound

PostPosted: Sun May 05 2019 5:20am
by ChainBS
Is it cool to ask about emulation setting in here? I'm using SSFvr.12 beta R3 because it worked well with Panzer Dragoon Saga, didn't look the best but other versions broke the game for me. Tried SF3 tonight for the first time and the sound was really off, it sounded like everything was out of key, but I think it might be because it was being slowed down. Anyone else have any problems with the sound and find a solution?

Here's a link to a video with what I'm hearing, let me know if its just in my head or if it really is janky.

Re: Shining Force 3 Emulation Sound

PostPosted: Wed May 08 2019 10:49am
by Swalchy
No - that's an actual issue with the sound of SSF. It is well known, and yes, very off putting by the off-key sounding notes.

I personally don't bother listening to the in-game music when I play on emulation (if I do ever get around to playing games these days). It happens in other games as well.

Re: Shining Force 3 Emulation Sound

PostPosted: Fri Jun 21 2019 6:58pm
by Kalkano
I highly recommend using "Yaba Sanshiro" as your emulator. The sound issue is not there.