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Changing difficulty on Premium Disc...

Seeking to obtain concrete verification as to if you can play PD on Insane difficulty...?

Incorporating Scenarios 1, 2, 3 and the Premium Disc, all in one handy board!

Changing difficulty on Premium Disc...

Postby ShiningFan4Lyfe » Thu Apr 04 2019 1:34pm

So I recently challenged myself to attempt the Premium Disc battles using only a Sc1 completed save file...and with only Sc1 characters, no 3rd promotions, all characters with levels in the high 20s, max weapon levels, weapon swapping for optimal weapon effects and resistances during each battle, the best healing items on every character, and Masquirin strictly as backup Aura 1/Aura 2 user with Holy Ankh for big bosses, I actually was able to beat the entire Premium Disc with all 12 characters alive at the end with very few resets.

Since doing so, I've been researching whether or not you ACTUALLY can change the difficulty for Premium Disc battles (i.e. Normal, Hard, Difficult, Insane)...though after reading through the entirety of SFCentral forums...the answer still seems a bit unclear...

Does anyone actually have a definite answer/verification of this...? For instance, can you play Premium Disc battles on Insane difficulty - giving all the bosses +50% ATK & +50% DEF...?

I'm trying to obtain a concrete YES or NO, as I did not see an option to change the difficulty setting in the START menu during any of the battles at all when playing with my Sc1 completed save file. I would really like to attempt the Premium Disc battles on Insane difficulty after replaying and completing all three scenarios on Insane difficulty for the first time. ;-)
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