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Scenario 2: Barrand Glitch

Similar to Railhead Glitch in Scenario 1

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Scenario 2: Barrand Glitch

Postby beserkker2010 » Tue Mar 19 2019 6:52pm

Best way i can describe this is that it is similar to the Railhead Glitch in Scenario 1, but i am not sure what advantage this glitch might give. This is while using the JP version disc so its a general game glitch. I was recording when it happened if anyone wants to see it.

Basically this was my first time in Barrand and so i was trying to loot everything, I saw this hole next to a guard and i wanted to inspect it. It turns out this is the hole to the prison. Everytime i tried talking to the hole it would talk to the guard instead so i kept moving right trying to get far enough away. There is a little corner between the wall and the house that you are not supposed to be able to step into, but somehow i glitched into it and was able to walk through the wall to the outside of the town.


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Re: Scenario 2: Barrand Glitch

Postby legalize freedom » Wed Mar 20 2019 12:09pm

That's new. Thanks for sharing!
legalize freedom

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