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Translation for Premium Disc Interview?

Doing an LP, and would love to have a translation for the Premium Disc Interview

Incorporating Scenarios 1, 2, 3 and the Premium Disc, all in one handy board!

Re: Translation for Premium Disc Interview?

Postby knight0fdragon » Thu Apr 18 2019 7:50pm

Special T wrote:
legalize freedom wrote:I suppose the reasonable thing to do is include both. Something like:

(narrator incorrectly cites Grace's race as Foxling, but it is actually Kyantol)

I think this approach would be fine or put an annotation "*" next to the remark with clarification at the end of the interview i.e. The narrator described Grace's race as Foxling, however the guidebook indicates that..."

Correct thing to do would be brackets.

Grace is a [Kyantol]

Or Grace is a Foxling [Kyantol]

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Re: Translation for Premium Disc Interview?

Postby sulfuroxp » Fri Apr 19 2019 9:51pm

"Cantaur" it's the correct word

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Re: Translation for Premium Disc Interview?

Postby tfhb02 » Mon Jun 10 2019 10:20pm

I saw this years ago but it is great to hear the transcript. The 90's were a time for games eh? We went from SF2 to SF3 in four years. It makes me realise the gap between SiTD and SF3 is soon going to be three times the wait since SF3. And also, the difference is incredible in just four years then. Four years now is the difference between games in 2015 and 2019, which is practically nothing.

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