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Mithril Accessories

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Re: Mithril Accessories

Postby wcameron2005 » Mon Jul 07 2008 7:42pm

I'd rather have +5 attack/defense, +5 critical/counter and +2 luck than +5 attack and defense, actually. It's more rounded. I also think you're trying to be a bit too controversial- Power rings are worth, what, 3000?

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Re: Mithril Accessories

Postby Crimson_Blade » Mon Jul 07 2008 7:46pm

Power rings are much easier to get =P. I just happend to get enough for all my fighters without having to reload too many times. I had to reload about 14 times to get one last magic ring for grace with my last piece of small mithril.

Its just my opinion, but my apollo and artemis pin are gathering dust in storage, while my fighters with power rings are B slapping enemies. All depends on what you want. Power rings work for me.
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The Evil Dead @ Thu Jun 18, 2009 3:27 pm wrote:We should burn gays at the stake. Same with blacks and jews.

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Re: Mithril Accessories

Postby bleeding pepper » Sun Jul 13 2008 1:00am

personally i go for the Power Rings. i find the extra Attack and Defence much more useful. the Gale Rings are OK, but by the time you max out your characters' stats, they move faster than the enemy anyway, so its no problem.

i only use the ones i pick up.
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Re: Mithril Accessories

Postby J/\mes » Mon Sep 04 2017 10:33pm

I have been having luck with S walch`s arm swing method with the accesories.
I know this works with the pins for sure.

Gale ring ( 1 swing)
Master ring( 2)
Power ring (3)
Protect ring (4)
Magic ring (5)
Attack ring (6)
Apollo pin (7)
Artemis pin (8)
The order of these are from Snarfs weapon FAQ I applied Walch`s arm swing method to this order

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Re: Mithril Accessories

Postby legalize freedom » Wed Sep 13 2017 12:26am

To be clear the arm swing count starts as soon as you walk in, correct?

And one swing is the arm both up and down once, correct?
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