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I want to play SF3. How do I start from scratch?

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I want to play SF3. How do I start from scratch?

Postby Geryth » Wed Dec 13 2017 5:09pm

Hello! I'm a player of SF1 and SFII and I love this series. SF1 is probably my most replayed game of all time. I found this forum, and one thing I've always been disappointed about was the limitations of playing SFIII. I never owned a Saturn and I only got to watch a cousin play it on his for a short while. So jelly.

Anyways, I came across this site where I see that hard working awesome people created an english translation for the parts of SFIII that never even came to the west, with instructions for setup with emulators etc.

So, I was wondering if I could be guided a bit in how to start. I would need to go the emulation route, and I know that the translations are free, but what about the game itself? Do I need to buy the original game through some means first? Does it matter what I buy or where I buy it? Or is there a download link?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: I want to play SF3. How do I start from scratch?

Postby legalize freedom » Fri Dec 15 2017 12:50pm

Assuming you have found the Patch Instructions on the official site...

You will need the games in some form. English Sc1 will be the biggest problem to get legit because it is rare and expensive. The same could be said for the Premium Disc, but the PD is optional and is really more of a collectors item. Japanese scenarios 2 and 3 are relatively easy to find and cheap.

Beyond the games themselves, everything you need is on the FTP (in my signature). An emulator and virtual drive software. Just follow the instructions on the official site and post or message me if you have any questions.
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